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Initially I was very excited about going to this Peruvian restaurant in Soho that has just opened, as I love ceviche and I am going to Peru in 2 months time, but it did let me down a bit. Ceviche was ok, the sauce and taste were good, but the quality of fish they put it whilst not bad, were also not amazing. As for the main course, the waiter suggested a dish that he said was amazing, the "lomo saltado" (which i later found out was one of Peru's traditional dishes) and their best, so we trusted him, and I did not think it was great at all. We also had some skewers of squid (ok, not the best squid I have had) and a steak skewer (exactly the same steak as from the main course), and the sauces that went with these dishes were not the best as well.
date: 02/04/12


Ever since this visit, I have gone back to Ceviche (as some of my friends kept saying how they really liked it and I was starting to doubt myself thinking I just had a bad day when I went there), and I have to say I am sticking with my 2 M ranking as the dishes are just not amazing. I ordered a tiradito (Peruvian sashimi) that had such a strange taste of sauce, I could not finish it. I also had once again the "Lomo Saltado" and as by this time I had been to Peru, I can say even on the lowest street corner places you get better Lomo Saltado than in Ceviche and I also think it is very overpriced for the small size of portion that you get. I also did not like the tomatoe salad as I thought the tomatoes were too soft and they were only topped with sone small chopped onion and not much else had been put into this dish.
date: 12/08/12



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