Jan 2 2013

C&F Bar and Restaurant


When we arrived in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands I spent a long time deciding where we should go for dinner. I had a choice to go to European (French, Italian) restaurant or to try West Indian food and I decided to try the latter. The place that looked the best according to my lonely planet guide was C&F Bar and Restaurant, so I decided to head there for dinner. The restaurant is located in Purcell Estate, off a main road and it is a bit hard to find it, if you don’t have a driver that knows where it is, so make sure if you take a taxi they will know where they are going, having said that most of the people will know as this is a restaurant that appearantly even the locals flock to and before the meal we were sitting in a bar next to our marina and the bartender said he has been there and likes it and said it was one of the best traditional restaurants. We got there at around 7.30 and only 3 other tables were taken. The restaurant is very bright in red and white colours and has red tablecloths. The menu that the waiter brought us had a lot of interesting things on there, they serve different fish, chicken and barbecue dishesin C&F. In the end we decided to go for a grouper, which is a Carribean typical fish as well as curried boneless chicken breast as in that way we thought we would try a fresh fish and also a traditional chicken dish. When we had ordered an older male that worked in the restaurant walked past us and asked us what we had ordered, and he introduced himself as Clarence, after which I asked if he was Clarence Emmanuel the main chef of the restaurant and he was extremely surprised that I knew his name, and I explained that it was because it was metioned in my lonely planet guide and he got extremely excited and asked to see the lonely planet guide. He also told us how a few years ago his business was booming and there would be people waiting for a table and now it is much more quiet. He also pointed to the wall of awards he had on one side of the restaurant, showing how popular this place was. After this he also told us we have to try his famous Clarence barbecued ribs, which we then ordered as a starter. The table next to us later explained that C&F is named after chef Clarence and his wife (I think her name was Florine). When the food arrived, the grouper was absolutely amazing, it was served in this bitter lemony sauce with onions and peppers, and the taste was very interesting, I have not had this type of sauce before and I loved it. The chicken was also great; it had a very strong garlic taste, which I really liked. And both the grouper and the chicken were served with rice, potatoes, vegetables and a type of bread, and I especially loved the rice. But the best thing were the barbecued ribs. The sauce was absolutely amazing and thick and finger licking, and I could have had a lot more and I can see why he wanted us to order this. It was like Pitt Cue Co (a restaurant serving ribs in London) but better. C&F is not a fancy place, it is just a restaurant that serves you delicious West Indian food and gives you big portions and also has a great atmosphere, and just feels authentic. I really enjoyed it. 


Date: 02/01/13

Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Price for 2 including service charge: $80

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C&F Bar & Restaurant
Purcell, Road Town
British Virgin Islands
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