Jun 11 2013

Chez Lili et Marcel


Chez Lili et Marcel is a wonderful French brasserie quite close to one of my clients in Paris, so I have been there on a few occasions. This time my colleague Alex and I wanted to grab a quick lunch so we went there on Tuesday lunchtime. Chez Lili et Marcel is located on the south side of the Seine on a corner of a street and when we went there it was absolutely full and we were shown to one of the few unoccupied tables. The place is wonderful and typical, with wooden tables and chairs and typical brasserie food.

As we were walking in, Alex saw the waiter carrying a wonderfully tempting looking meat and potato puree dish, and he set his mind on ordering this. After describing this to the waitress (the menus are only in French and neither of our French was good enough to find this dish on the menu), the waitress said this was one of their daily special dishes, although I have forgotten now what it was called, and Alex happily ordered it. He got potato puree on top of the duck with a green side salad, and he gave me some of this to try and this was extremely delicious. Balthazar in London should learn from this as this was like a better version of their duck Shepherd’s pie. I ordered a steak tartare and you could have 2 different steak tartars, “Tartare de Lili prepare” which was the traditional type of steak tartare as the waitress explained, or “Tartare provencal prepare aux poivrons et a l’estragon”, which the waitress explained had peppers in it. I went for the second more exotic option with peppers and I had a choice to have this with French fries or green salad and I, trying to be healthy, chose the green salad. I had high hopes for the steak tartare, but unfortunately I did not really like it that much. I could not really find any peppers in it, not sure if they had brought me the wrong one or what had happened, but it felt like a normal steak tartare although it was lacking in taste, the seasoning just did not taste that great, which meant this was one of the few steak tartars that I have left uneaten, and as I did not eat that much of it, I had a few slices of the wonderful baguette bread they had also brought us.

The service as in a usual French brasserie, was not great. We were lucky as the waitress did speak English, in a lot of these places they don’t. Also we had to wait 15 minutes for our coffee to be prepared, which took them as long as bringing our food, which meant we almost missed our meeting. But I generally like French brasseries, the atmosphere in them as well as the food, and this was a good typical French brasserie.

Date: 11/06/13
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: I don’t know as Alex paid for me
Location: Paris

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Chez Lili et Marcel
1 Quai Austerlitz, 75013
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