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Chicha is another one of celebrity chef's Gaston Acurio's restaurants (the other one I have reviewed is Astrid y Gaston ranked the 35th best restaurant in the world). Chicha is located in Cusco, a historical city in Peru, and so serves Gaston's take on the local traditional Andean dishes, and whilst there is less buzz about this place than about Astrid y Gaston, I almost liked this place more, also because Chicha feels more intimate as a restaurant.  The name “Chicha” means a type of drink loved by the curacas and caciques in pre incan times, and today Chicha (and there are many varieties of the drink – purple, corn, peanut, etc) is drunk in several occasions, family reunions, patronal festivities and religious ceremonies. The restaurant Chicha is located on the second floor overlooking Plaza Regocijo, which is a smaller plaza in Cusco. We did not have a reservation when we arrived there, as I did not think booking it would be necessary as we never had been turned away from a restaurant in Peru, no matter how good, but when we arrived all the tables were taken (so I should have booked!), so we were seated by the bar, which we actually really enjoyed and we had some great pisco sour cocktails there. 


We ordered a tiradito (a Peruvian type of sashimi) to share which was very good and beautifully presented with a small salad in the middle as well as an octopus and a potato dish and I thought the octopus and the potato dish was one of the nicest octopus dishes I have ever had, and by the time we had finished with the starters my boyfriend was raving about this place saying this is the nicest meal he has had in Peru. Note it could have been, but the main course slightly let us down. For the main course we shared a spicy pork soup and a pizza with a traditional topping. The pizza was not great and had a very big base and not so much topping (like a better and more interesting version of pizza hut), so we were both a bit disappointed (I guess I should not have had pizza in a peruvian restaurant in the first place, but after so many days of eating Peruvian food I was craving something a bit more international). The soup was nice and delicious but not amazing. I think I just chose the wrong dishes for the main course and as I said the starters were great, so do go there if you are in Cusco

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