Oct 25 2012

Chicken Shop

If you like Nandos, you will absolutely love this place. Chicken Shop is located in Kentish Town, so unless you live there, it is not really in most people’s way and this is a “destination restaurant”, as in you have to make a trip to go there, but it is really worth it, if you are a chicken fan. Chicken Shop is owned by the same people as Pizza East, and there is also a Pizza East located on the ground floor of the same building where Chicken Shop is (Chicken Shop is located in the basement). Chicken Shop as the name suggests serves chicken and not much more. The menu is super small and this I have noticed is a trend these days as more and more really specialized restaurants are opening up with only very few things on the menu (e.g. Burger and Lobster). I went to Chicken shop on a Thursday at 7.30 and when we got there it was full and we were told we had to wait 45min to 1h and we left our phone number with the girl at the door and headed upstairs to pizza east bar to have a few drinks, as Chicken Shop did not have an area to accommodate us. I was felling extremely grumpy and annoyed about the fact that I had to wait for a table in Kentish Town, which I would not have imagined to be the busiest place, but there is nothing that a few margaritas and a delicious snack salad at the pizza east bar can’t solve, and these things really cheered me up. After 45min our table was ready and we headed downstairs after getting the important phone call. In Chicken Shop you can order only chicken, there are no starters and only 1 main course, chicken, and you can chose whether to have quarter, half or whole chicken depending on how hungry you are. There were 2 of us and we decided to go for half a chicken and also 3 sides to go with it (out of 4 sides on the menu), and we ordered the Crinkle cut fries, corn on the cob and Butter lettuce & avocado salad, and the only side we did not try was the coleslaw. To go with your chicken you could have 2 sauces that were on your table, either the hot or the smokey sauce. The food arrived 5 min after we had ordered it and the chicken was amazing. I am not the biggest fan of chicken and this would probably be the type of meat I order less often, but this chicken was amazing and I could have it all day long. I am used to Nandos chicken, as I eat it quite a lot, and this chicken was more moist and more delicious. I still think my favorite sauce in the world is Nandos wild herb peri peri sauce, but the hot and smokey sauces from Chicken Shop were almost as good, and it was a joy to eat the chicken with these sauces. I was enjoying the food so much I was such a boring conversation partner during this dinner as all I wanted to do is eat. I also loved the butter lettuce salad, and I actually loved it so much I was too aggressive whilst eating it as I wanted it so much, that I dropped some on the floor and had to order another portion as I wanted more. The chips were not your healthy type of chips, but sooooo good!! When the corn on the cob arrived a nice young man came around with a jar of melted butter and poured some over the corn which made the corn even more delicious. All the food was served in really cool old school plates, something you would literally find in a kindergarden or a school kitchen, which added to the great vibe of the place. I loved this place and I had not enjoyed chicken this much in a long time. I know Kentish Town is far, but if you like chicken it is definitely worthwhile going there.


Date: 25/ 10/ 12

Price for 2, no alcohol, including service charge: £28.60

Location: Kentish Town


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Chicken Shop
79 Highgate Road NW5 1TL
United Kingdom
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