Mar 16 2013

Chiggeri - Le jardin d'hiver

I was in Luxembourg with my girlfriends and we wanted to get some lunch, and one of my other friends Christian had recommended this place, so we decided to try it out (he did recommend the restaurant though not the café where we went and for dinner, not lunch). Chiggeri is located in a manor house in the old city of Luxembourg. From the outside it did not look like much but when we walked in, there was a beautiful, in a sort of Moroccan type of style, courtyard with Moroccan lamps hanging from the ceiling and bright colours, called Le jardin d'hiver. We also checked out the brasserie located inside but that was very dark, so we decided we wanted to stay in the nice and bright courtyard. There is also a restaurant that I mentioned Christian likes with white tablecloths and with a different menu, but we did not see it. The main chef of Chiggeri is Gilbert Welter, and apparently they have one of the biggest wine list in the world with more than 2,200 wines.

We were feeling quite hungry and waiting for our friend Santa to arrive so the four of us decided to share some food before ordering our lunch and we chos “Les crousty tartinés” little 10 pieces of bread with toppings, which included eggplant type of tapenade, tomato, duck mousse, tapenade and goat cheese foam. Some of these little tartines were better than others but overall this was a nice little starter to our meal.

As for my main course I wanted to have something traditional, and they had a nice selection of “gratins and fondues” and I chose the Tartiflette royale which was made out of gratinated onion, potatoes, bacon and cream, your choice of cheese (from Brie, Goats cheese, Reblochon, Camember) and served with a big plate of charcutterie. Santa had a similar Tartiflette, just a without the huge plate of charcutterie and with Brie cheese. Overall these tartiflettes were delicious and absolutely huge but extremely heavy and calorific and I only managed to eat half of it.

Katrina and Agnese had their burger which was served with Chiabatta bread and which had beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato and crispy bacon and it was served with a plate of chips. It looked quite interesting served with chiabatta bread but the girls seemed to enjoy it.

This was a nice little place for lunch. There were no other people, the atmosphere was not amazing, but as it was a big group of us there, we had fun.

Date: 16/03/13
Price for 5 people, no alcohol and service charge: EUR 33 x 5
Location: Luxembourg

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Chiggeri - Le jardin d'hiver
15 Rue du Nord
Luxembourg City
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