Mar 15 2014

Chiltern Firehouse


The next available table at Chiltern Firehouse is now in July, this is how popular it has become in just a few months after opening. I first found out about this place from my friend Paul who knew about this place even before it had opened and came to the opening night and rubbed shoulders with celebrities. I went to Chiltern Firehouse fairly soon after the opening before a series of food critics and bloggers had managed to write about this place hence I managed to get a table a few days before I came here. I even changed the number of people that were coming here from 2 to 3 to 4 and they nicely accommodated me every time I requested a change.

So what is Chiltern Firehouse? Chiltern Firehouse is a restaurant in Marylebone on Chiltern Street (nice quiet street full of art galleries, hairdressers and cute shops) and is a hotel and a restaurant in an old fire station building. The restaurant and hotel are owned by Andre Balazs who is behind some great hotels like The Mercer in New York, Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and Standard Hotels across the USA. He has recruited a great chef for Chiltern Firehouse’s kitchen – Nuno Mendes, who closed his restaurant Viajante in Bethnal Green in February (which was listed as a top 100 restaurant in the world) and located here.

Most people come here for dinner, but I came here for Saturday Brunch, so the menu did not showcase quite a few of Nuno Mendes dishes that people love and he serves in the evening like the crab-stuffed doughnuts, which every single review I read mentions. The décor is very stylish and sophisticated (created by the very high ceiling) with a touch of casual which the open plan kitchen creates, which is a great mix. I unfortunately did not see Nuno Mendes cooking in the kitchen (we were sitting right next to the kitchen) as he is usually here just for dinner as I was told. We also noticed every table had different dog salt and pepper magnets that were kissing. Something to talk about.

First all of us ordered a juice that had a mix of green vegetables including kale, that you can see in the picture below. Then we ordered two starters to share between us before having our main brunch meal and we ordered chicken skin Caesar salad which I also had read a lot about and fresh salad of beets, leaves and orange. So funky to have crispy chicken skin instead of the chicken pieces in the Caesar salad and at first I was skeptical, but I was wrong, it was not fattening, was pleasant and delicious to eat and the Caesar salad sort of simple to make was perfect, just like a Caesar salad should be. The other salad was beautiful, colourful and also very good.

Next I ordered fried eggs with kale, mushrooms and parmesan and I got another absolutely beautiful plate. The two eggs were served in a pan and the plate looked beautiful, and it is a skill to make something so simple so beautiful and delicious. I very much liked their brunch menu, it was creative and had loads of interesting things like lobster scrambled eggs (which my friend Katrina ordered) and crab omelette (which my friend Evija ordered). I tasted both things and liked both although slightly more preferred the lobster spaghetti which had quite a bit of lobster. My friend Una ordered poached eggs with smoked salmon and bread and sort of plain but each ingredient was just perfect which created a delicious dish, somehow much nicer than your average eggs royal.

I had a great experience at Chiltern Firehouse, I really enjoyed our meal here. It was intriguing and creative but not overly complicated but at the same time everything just tasted delicious from the smallest thing. You can also see pictures of two desserts we shared, which were nice. I am now trying to get a table for dinner so I can see Nuno and eat his famous crab doughnuts. 

Date: 15/ 03/ 14
Location: Marylebone
Price for 4 people, no alcohol, with service charge: £189.75

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Chiltern Firehouse
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