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Christopher’s is a restaurant and a martini bar in Covent Garden. It is located on Wellington street, and it is interesting to find this restaurant in the very noisy Covent Garden, as it feels much more upscale than the surrounding Covent Garden, mainly touristy, restaurants, especially as it is located in a Grade II listed building with an interesting past. When you walk into the building, on your right there is a martini bar but for the main dining area you need to head upstairs on a round staircase with a wonderful lamp hanging on top of the staircase which you can see in a picture below. Christopher’s opened in 1991, but has recently had a redecoration and now has an interesting yellow and grey décor, which is supposed to remind you of a Modern American era, as Christopher’s is an American restaurant.

I went to Christopher’s on a Saturday with my friend Lasma for a late lunch at 3pm, and they were still serving brunch. The restaurant was half full, which actually surprised me, as I did not think there will be many people eating at this sort of time. The menu has some nice smoothies, a lighter section with less calorific dishes, a pancake section, egg section and more substantial lunch dishes.

Lasma ordered a “Maryland Crab Cake with Arugula, Red Pepper Mayo, Tomato Jam”, and she thought it was nice but quite plain. To me it looked super plain and cost £14, so I did not think it was impressive at all. I ordered “Buttermilk Pancakes Bacon, Maple Syrup” and I got 3 quite nice pancakes and 2 pieces of not very nice and quite fatty bacon. In between the pancakes I also found this strange piece of butter cube, which I took a picture of, which I did not think I needed. The maple syrup was nice, not too sweet and I did like eating the pancakes with the syrup and the bacon, but I have seen this sort of dish in many other brunch restaurants and compared to those, it was probably one of the least impressive pancake and bacon dishes.

The atmosphere is very nice in Christopher’s, I really liked the American style dining room, but I don’t think the food is that nice, so overall this is not one of my favourite brunch restaurant.

Date: 20/ 07/13
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £43.31
Location: Covent Garden

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