Jun 22 2013

Ciro's Pomodoro


Ciro’s Pomodoro is an Italian restaurant focusing on pizza and the first Ciro’s Pomodoro was opened in London in Knightsbridge in 1978 by Ciro Orsini (I have been to the original restaurant in London as well). These day’s you can find Ciro’s Pomodoro in many cities including Riga, Kiev, Bucharest, Athens, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, and in all of these restaurants you can have great Italian food and pizzas as well as live music.


Ciro’s Pomodoro in Riga is located on the 7th floor of the Galeria Riga shopping mall, in the centre of Riga, and there is an inside area as well as an outside terrace that overlooks Riga which is very pleasant during the summer months when it is hot in Riga. We were celebrating my brother’s graduation so we decided to go there for a late lunch and as it was close to 30 degrees we sat outside on the terrace.


The menu features soups, cold and hot appetisers, pizzas, pastas and risottos as well as main courses. My boyfriend and I had a dinner to attend in a few hours so we did not want to eat that much and shared a “Tomato salad with red onions, balsamic vinegar and olive oil” as well as a Pomodoro pica (which apparently Al Pacino likes, after every pizza Ciro’s Pomodoro names which celebrity likes this pizza, which is sort of cool and probably there is some truth in it, as there have been many celebrities that have visited the original Ciro’s Pomodoro in London).  Our tomato salad was very good, sometimes much more expansive London restaurants get this simple salad wrong, and here the tomatoes were thinly sliced, seasoned well and mixed with onions. The Pomodoro pizza had mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms, ham, green peppers and fresh garlic (and I asked the waiter to add some chill, and they just put chilli flakes not nice fresh chilli) and it was a decent pizza. It was not expensive and cost LVL4.5.0 (pizzas range from LVL3.50 to 6) and I thought was equally good as a pizza I recently had in Harrods and which cost £18. My smaller brother ordered a margarita pizza with added salami, which was very tasty and he got nice and large chunks of salami. My other brother ordered a Caesar salad (looked like a decent Caesar salad) as well as a pasta, Fettuccine „Alfredo” con pollo, which had pasta in a light sour cream sauce with chicken, cherry tomatoes and pesto, and which was good and cost LVL4.90 (pastas on average range from LVL3.90 to 6.90.


You can also see pictures of other food that various family members had, Caesar salad with prawns, “Prosciutto dolce di Parma e melone” which was Parma ham with melon covered with reduced balsamico, “Risotto con frutti di mare”, risotto with seafood, fresh garlic, chilli pepper, parsley, olive oil and white wine, as well as “Filetto di pollo con mozzarella, melanzane fritte e salsa di basilico” chicken with Mozzarella cheese, fried eggplant and basil sauce, and “Scaloppina di vitello con fette di prosciutto di Parma, salsa all’olio e salvia e purée di patate” which is veal with Parma ham, oil and sage sauce and mashed potatoes and a side of fries. Only 2 people had a desert (not me), and both chose Tiramisu, which was served in a glass jar. In general all the food looked good and also my family members were saying good things about the meal.


Ciro’s Pomodoro does good and not too expensive food but the nice thing about the place (which can be said about some other restaurants in Galeria Riga) is the view during the summer, and this is one of the nicest places to go to during the summer.


Date: 22/06/13

Location: Riga

Price for 9 people including alcohol and service charge: I don’t know as my dad paid for us


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Ciro's Pomodoro
Dzirnavu ielā 67, t/c Galleria Riga
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