Aug 10 2013


My friend Katrina has been telling me about this casual brunch/ tea/ coffee restaurant for a while now and as it is conveniently located between both of our houses we decided to grab our boyfriends and go there for brunch on a Saturday morning.

We went to the Marylebone CocoMaya, located just by Edgware Road, and there are two shops there, the Cocomaya Fine Chocolatier and also the Cocomaya Artisan Baker and both places are located next to each other with seating inside both of them. We first went to the bakery part that also sells sandwiches, salads as well as patisserie, but as there was no space, we went to the Fine Chocolatier next door and sat on one of the large communal tables, sharing it with another group of 4. We could still order all the same food from the bakery, so it does not actually matter where you sit, unless you have a preference of looking at chocolate vs croissants or vice versa.

Cocomaya was created by very trendy people, the former head of concept at Liberty Joel Bernstein and the accessories and fashion consultant Walid al Damirji, and you could really feel this when you are inside. First they created the chocolate shop in October 2009 and later in the same year the bakery, and now they have 4 stores across London. The chocolate shop is decorated in bold colours, mainly pink, and the bakery is decorated in a more neutral way. The bakery however did remind me a lot of Ottolenghi, as it had the same concept of interesting and creative salads in large dishes located in front of you and you could chose to eat these or anything else you saw and fancied.

The bakery produces more than 70 kinds of bread and pastry, but unfortunately we did not try any of their specially baked things, and the only thing that we had were two sandwiches, ham and cheese and salmon which were made with rye bread. I tried both sandwiches and really enjoyed them, they felt very healthy due to the fresh and delicious bread.

We also decided to get some of their salads. Just like in Ottolenghi their salads are displayed in the bakery on various dishes and you can chose to have a selection of these salads in a medium or a large portion. Katrina and Love each chose to have a medium salad portion, whilst I shared a large portion with my boyfriend, and we could not finish this, so you can also go for a medium one and share it, if not too hungry. The salads were made with interesting and good quality ingredients just like the salads in Ottolenghi, although the selection is larger in Ottolenghi. I did like some of the salads more than others.

I had a great brunch at Cocomaya, I loved the décor, the authentic feel of the place, and whilst I think the atmosphere and décor at Cocomaya is more interesting than at Ottolenghi, I think Ottolenghi does better quality food and also offers you more choice.

Date: 10/ 08/ 13
Location: Edgware Road
Price for 4 people for brunch, no alcohol and service charge: £90

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12 Connaught Street, W2 2AF
United Kingdom
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