Jul 15 2012



If you hang around Edgware road you will know there is a big hype about this Iranian place called Colbeh, and there is always a very long queue outside this restaurant, located just off Edgware road. As you know there are a lot of Middle Eastern food places on Edgware Road so I was keen to go to Colbeh to see why this place attracted so much attention from the locals. Colbeh is very small (which really explains why you need to queue), family run. The best thing about this place is the home cooked naan bread, that they cook in a huge oven in front of you, it is delicious and feels quite healthy (this bread gets Colbeh an extra small m). As it is an Iranian restaurant you have to bring your own alcohol, as they don’t serve it there, and my friend had a funny incident there when the waiters refused to give him ice for his champagne. Also on other occasions the waiters can seem a bit rude and busy, but I guess that it part of the appeal of places like this. The thing that disappointed me here were the portions which were quite small and I did not think that the food was much different than in other Iranian or Persian food restaurants located close by. I had the famous bread with the yoghurt and cucumber dip, and the dip was ok, nothing special, I have had better dips. The salad I thought was very tiny for £4 I paid for it, and not amazing, and I usually love these cucumber/ tomato salads. Then we shared the chicken and beef kebab which was nice, but once again nothing special. Overall a nice place to stop by for Persian food, but not sure I will wait in the queue next time I am around Edgware road.


Price for 2 including service charge, no alcohol: £35

Date: 15/07/2012

Location: Edgware Road


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6 Porchester Place W2 2BS
United Kingdom
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