Dec 13 2014

Colony Grill Room, The


I don’t always agree with what other food critics write, but I always read what they say, as I love eating food, watching food programs, cooking food and reading reviews about food. In one such review mentioning best 2014 restaurants, I noticed that the Colony Grill Room was mentioned. I had never heard of this place, which was strange as it was so close to where I live, less than 5 minutes away from Selfridges. So on one Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to go there for lunch.

The Colony Grill Room is located in the Beaumont hotel, which I did not know about before, but which looks very pretty. I was a bit surprised about how much I liked the room where the Colony Grill Room was located. The hotel is sort of hidden from the main streets but when you walk into the Colony Grill Room, the room is grand and beautiful and it is buzzing and has so many people there. It is amazing to find something so hidden yet so much fun.

The Colony Grill Room tries to be like the traditional London and New York Grill Rooms, which come from America, and the food had a lot of American influences. We came here on a weekend so we were offered the weekend brunch menu and could choose from starters, egg dishes, duck egg dishes, salads, American sandwiches, daily specials, grills and main courses. We were not that hungry and we ordered 1 dish from hors d’oeuvres and 2 salads. I also ordered a drink that they had on the food menu, the Colony Clamato Juice, which was like a Virgin Mary, but had clam juice in it, to make it salty, and it was quite interesting served with crackers.

My boyfriend ordered the Homard à la Russe, which was lobster served in a Russian inspired way, and he chose to have half of the dish for £23.75 (whole was £45). The dish was beautifully presented and there were nice lobster chunks, I just did not like the accompanying features of carrots and other vegetables in a sort of Russian salad way. The waiter explained that the salad used to have beetroot but then it was removed. I am not keen on many Russian salads, and this one reminded me of a dish I don’t like. Also I think £23.75 was quite a lot for the small portion we got. In general I thought a lot of the salads and starters were quite expensive at the Colony Grill Room, some more expensive than main courses and did not strike me as great value for money.

I ordered the shrimp cocktail for £16, which had 7 prawns and a spicy sauce, without the mayonnaise like the typical Mary Rose sauce has. I loved the sauce, but even despite the fact the prawns were big and lovely, I thought £16 was a bit too much for them. The biggest dish we had was the Colony Club Salad, we ordered the small portion for £8.50 (large one was £12.75). the salad was beautiful and colourful and had all the elements a club sandwich should have without the bread, bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers and they were arranged in little lines, so the presentation was beautiful and topped with half an egg. I enjoyed the salad, every piece of the ingredients was cut in the same small shape, which I am sure has involved a lot of work if done by hand, and it was tasty.

The main courses which we did not order included a Sheppard’s pie on Saturdays, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on Sundays, various meats, kedgeree, some fish and some pies. We paid £60.41 for 2 people and did not have that much food, so I think this place is expensive for what it serves, but it serves the food in a wonderful room with wonderful atmosphere and very skilled waiters, so despite the price, I enjoyed my lunch.

Date: 13/ 12/ 14
Price for 2 people, no alcohol, with service charge: £60.41
Location: Mayfair

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Colony Grill Room, The
The Beaumont Hotel, 8 Balderton Street W1K 6TN
United Kingdom
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