Oct 14 2012

The Conservatory Lounge & Bar

I have stayed in the Hyatt hotel in Moscow many times now, and it is a very central hotel, located right next to the red square and is one of the main hotels for business people to stay at. Hyatt also has a bar on the 10th floor of the hotel called The Conservatory Lounge & Bar where on one occasion I went to get food with my friend J as I was too lazy to go anywhere else and it does offer a somewhat nice view of Moscow (it is not high enough to offer a great view).

The menu offers European food and some Russian classics and has starters, main courses, soups, snacks and platters. J and I both ordered borsch, the traditional Russian beetroot soup, and an Armenian tapas plate, which had basturma, sudjukh, eggplant salad, ararat herbs selection and vegetables, homemade matsun, chanakh & chechil cheese and lavash. The borsch was nice, it did not have any meat but it was a decent borsch. The tapas platter as everything in Moscow was pretty expensive at £17, and it had an ok, but not great selection. Also on another occasion when I went there my friend Zoltan ordered a chocolate and banana cake, which consisted of a chocolate cake a banana ice cream and a tiny slice of banana sponge cake underneath the ice cream, and it was decent, not amazing, just an average ok desert.

If you are hungry and can’t be bothered to go anywhere else Hyatt does ok food at the top, but don’t expect anything interesting and it is not the best value for money place in Moscow.

Date: 14/ 10/ 12
Location: central Moscow

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The Conservatory Lounge & Bar
Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Neglinnaya St, 4, 109012
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