Jan 4 2013

Cooper Island Beach Club

We went to Cooper Island Beach Club Restaurant for both lunch and dinner. Cooper Island only has 1 restaurant and resort on it, the one that I review here, so if you are planning to go there, you will only have 1 option. Note I would not advise you mooring there and staying overnight though as the bay has no protection from the wind and the waves and I had my worst nights sleep on the boat in this island.

The menu for lunch and dinner is quite similar, the only difference being they charge you quite a bit more for dinner. We went there for lunch at around 2 and the place has a sit down restaurant on one side, a bar on the other side and it also had outside tables and lounge chairs where you can relax whilst you sip a cocktail. For lunch we shared some mahi mahi tacos, which I thought were super cool and I had not seen using this fish in tacos before in the BVI, and also some conch fritters which is a typical food in the BVI and conch fritters are fried ball shaped things made out of medium to large-sized sea snails or their shells. The food was ok, the fish tacos were not amazing but nice, the mahi mahi was nice, but the tortilla was a tiny bit too thick for my liking and the garnishes and sauce did not really make it much better. Also as per usual in the BVI this dish was served with fries, and also some coleslaw. The conch fritters were ok as well, and I don’t really have anything to compare this with, as this is the first (and only) time I have had conch fritters. It was a nice lunch and the surrounding is very pleasant, one of the nicest places in the BVI to relax by the beach.

During our lunch we also booked a table for dinner because as I said there were no other options, and my travel guide had said that because of this, the restaurant place gets fully booked for dinner and you need to book in advance. When we arrived for dinner at 6.30 this place was full and it actually said at the front they were fully booked, so we were lucky to book a table and get it a few hours before. Our dinner was at 7.30 and our table was not ready before then so we had some drinks at the bar. The menu for dinner as I said was quite similar to the lunch menu only they charged you more, and we had the same thing – one starter and one main course – for dinner as we had for lunch and the price was a lot higher, more than 2x. I ordered the honey-jerked shrimp skewers that were supposed to have “jumbo shrimps served with coconut-lime dipping sauce”, and I can’t say these were jumbo shrimps, they were just average sized shrimps that did not have a strong flavour with a sauce that I did not think was that nice, and so I did not eat it much. $15 for 5 shrimps I thought was quite punchy. My boyfriend had the “yellow fin tuna marinated in soy served with fresh herbs and ginger and served with some lemon infused beets, fresh mixed greens and fried plantain ribbons”. We asked them to sear the tuna only slightly and they did a great job, and even though the tuna looked quite burnt and well cooked from the outside, inside it was raw tuna and super super delicious and great quality fish. Also the salad and the beets and plantains were quite nice, so I did enjoy this dish a lot.

Something that was really bad here thought was the service. We came to our table, no one brought us the menu (luckily we had looked at it before so we knew what we wanted), when my boyfriend ordered a beer, they brought him the wrong one, they did not bring us the bill for ages when we asked for it, and the list goes on. I was too nice and I did not ask them to take off the 10% service charge but I did tell them at the end about our experience.

Date: 04/01/13
Location: Cooper Island, British Virgin Islands
Price for 2 for lunch, no alcohol and 10% service charge: $32
Price for 2 for dinner, some alcohol and 10% service charge: $75

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Cooper Island Beach Club Restaurant Cooper Island
British Virgin Islands
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