Dec 10 2012

Coq d'Argent


The first time I went to Coq d’Argent a few years ago I did not really like it, but I had a much more enjoyable experience when I went there a few weeks ago, so I think this place has improved. Coq d’Argent is your typical City place, as it is located next to the Bank station and you are bound to see people you know there if you work in the City or Canary Wharf, as this is one of the obvious places to go for lunch or drinks. It is located on the top floor and in the summer this is a wonderful place to have drinks on the rooftop and overlook London (unfortunately this also seems to be a favorite suicide place by City people, as there have been many sad cases when people have jumped off the roof and killed themselves due to problems related to work). As the name suggests this place serves French food and is run by the D&D group which own a number of restaurants around London. I went there for lunch with a group of people and when you arrive at the Bank station and in front of Coq d Argent you take an elevator up to the 5th floor where you find yourself in a large and bright dining area. I had the “Crevettes mayonnaise” to start, prawns with mixed baby leaves and mayonnaise, and they were nice, they gave me all the things I needed, a dish to wash my hands in, a lemon and some sauce. Putting prawns on a plate is not a great skill, so I never know how to judge things like this, but it was a nice starter, and the prawns were tasty. My friends had “Potee de crabe du Devon” which was potted hand picked South Devon crab salad, brown parfait and toast as well as “parfait aux champignons, aigre-doux de legumes de saison et vinaigrette de betteraves” which were mushroom parfait, port jelly, pickled spring vegetable salad with beetroot and truffle dressing, and you can see both in the pictures. The crab especially looks great and almost looks like white rice in the picture and also I love how the mushroom parfait is created into a little cake. People seemed to like these starters and all of them finished their food. I had a risotto for my main course, which was really nice, it had sauce around it, so you could take it if you wanted it, and it had loads of nice peppers in there and cheese on top, I really enjoyed it, and I loved the colours of the plate, orange and green, bright and cheerful. One of my lunch buddies had salmon with cucumber salad which also looked great and interesting to serve the salmon with cucumber like this. Another one of my lunch buddies had the “Chevreuil aux brisures d’amandes et cacao, purÇe de panais, sauce Amaretto” which was almond and cacao nib crusted venison, parsnip puree, glazed baby carrot and Amaretto sauce, which was also nicely presented with the carrots sticking up, quite cute. Another one of my lunch buddies had the special which was a duck and you can see a picture of it as well. As for desert only one of us had desert a cute little chocolaty and sweet cake that you can see in the picture. This place is definitely not cheap, as very few people that go there actually pay themselves, due to the nature of the city, as people just need a place near Bank station to have lunch and this works perfectly due to the location, but I actually quite like it now. The food is interesting, more creative than it used to be and also all the dishes are well presented and executed. But yes a place like this is a bit sterile and I would not chose this place if I had to meet my friends or go for a casual lunch, it is good for a business lunch but it lacks that special factor for me to go there on any other occasion.


Location: Bank

Date: 10/12/12

Price for 5 people, no alcohol, including service charge: £275.62


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Coq d'Argent
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