Dec 19 2012

Corrigan's Mayfair


I had quite low expectations for this place and it was much better than I thought. Corrigan’s Mayfair used to be ranked quite highly by the Hardens guide (and was awarded London Restaurant of the Year by the Evening Standard) but in the recent years the Hardens guide has taken a view that it has gone down in quality, so I was not expecting much, but I had a wonderful meal there. The main chef at Corrigan’s Mayfair is Richard Corrigan who is Irish, and besides Corrigan’s Mayfair also owns Bentley's Oyster Bar and Grill (the funny looking Mitsubishi tire building 5min away from South Ken station) and Bentley's Sea Grill in Harrods, and is a very famous chef and has gained a Michelin star (first time in 1994 when he was the head chef of Stephen Bull) as well as cooked for the Queen and won the contest the Great British Menu. Richard Corrigan opened Corrigan’s Mayfair in 2008, and I went there for lunch on a wednesday. Corrigan’s Mayfair is located in Mayfair and the interior is very pleasant with darkish blue furniture and modern paintings/pictures on the wall. When we arrived we got some amuse bouche to start, which was deep fried olives with cheese which were extremely delicious and also interesting, as I have never had this type of amuse bouche before. Also I loved the bread that they brought in a flower pot, and it seemed to be baked there, and it was delicious, full of flavour and even my health obsessed lunch buddy that does not eat sweets and goes to the gym all the time could not keep his hands away from the bread and had a lot of slices of it, it was just that good and pretty to look at. I had the Cornish crab cocktail for my starter and it was delicious, just like it should be, and it was served with some toasts that were toasted and made in a nice curvy way, a little extra touch which made it very cool. My lunch buddy had a ravioli and you can see the picture and it also looked wonderful. For my main course I had the steak tartare and it was served with some beetroot on top and some cream and a thin toast. The steak tartare was very nice, funnily enough some restaurants can get it wrong, but Corrigan’s Mafair did a good job, and I loved that little touch of beetroot, as I have never seen that before. My lunch buddy had some boar and it was delicious, very tender and nice, and nicely presented. We had some beans served with black olives and garlic to go with our meal as well as some roasted parsnips with honey and cardamon. Once again I loved the little touch how the beans were served with black olives and garlic and it just made the beans taste much nicer. We did not want to eat any desert, but when we had asked the bill they brought us some tangerines and some delicious spongy type of cakes, and I loved both these gestures. I loved how they had cut the end of the skins of the tangerines which made them easy to peel and eat, and I also loved the spongy cakes and it was nice to get something like this (ie bigger sweet for free at the end) than other restaurants offer you usually. I can’t see why Hardens would not like Corrigan’s Mayfair and I had a lovely meal there, full of nice little interesting touches that made the usual food you can have in other places in Mayfair that extra bit special, and I will be coming back for more.
Price for 2, no alcohol, with service charge: £137.25
Date: 19/12/12
Location: Mayfair

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Corrigan's Mayfair
28 Upper Grosvenor Street W1K 7EH
United Kingdom
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