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Cotidie means “everyday” in Latin but this is not your average every day Italian, like Carluccios could be, as this place is expensive. Cotidie is located in Marylebone and the main chef is Bruno Barbieri who apparently is famous in Italy and has taken part in Italian Masterchef and also has a few Michelin star restaurants in Italy. Bruno is apparently bringing “modern Italian cuisine” to Cotidie which he opened last summer. My friend Love booked Cotidie for dinner for four of us on a Saturday evening, and before going there I had read some reviews and the thing that stood out for me was that a lot of critics were saying how confusing their menu was as it was divided into “meat”, “fish” and “vegetables” and you had to look for starters and main courses in each category so it was easy to get confused, but I was actually looking forward to this type of menu which I had not seen anywhere else. Unfortunately when we went there they had changed the menu (I guess following the criticism they got) and the menu now was divided into the usual “starters”, “pasta and soup” and “main courses” with a selection of sides as well. When we got to our table at 7.45 on a Saturday evening the restaurant was practically empty, but by around 8.30 it had filled up, but also people did not hang around and had their dinner quite quickly and by the time we left at 11, the restaurant seemed empty once again. The restaurant has mirrors around the walls, but as my back was facing the mirror I did not really notice it, although some say it is really bad to see yourself stucking into a plate of pasta in a mirror. The place is decorated in lovely dark shades with nice lamps and altogether the atmosphere is quite pleasant, although you don’t go there for the decorations or the atmosphere. The water glasses were very cool  with a shape that it was easy to hold them. I thought the menu was very interesting, as it had a lot of things on it that I did not know like what they were like “tomino” (which is a type of Italian cheese), “zampone” (Italian fresh sausage made from pork, fatback and pork rind and comes from Modena in Italy) so it was interesting to look at the menu and I needed a waiter to help me understand many of the things there, and I love going to restaurants that offer interesting things on the menu, as it makes me expand my knowledge of ingredients and dishes. Before we started our meal, the waiter brought us an amuse bouche which was a pork ball with salad and a crispy bread on top of it, and I very much liked it and thought the pork ball was very tasty. As a starter I chose “artisanal zampone, creamed potatoes with thyme, salmon eggs”, and I very much enjoyed and liked the sausage with the broth, and thought it was very tasty although I was a bit confused by having the salmon eggs there and to me they did not really add much to the taste. My boyfriend and Katrina had “grilled tomino cheese wrapped in speck with prawn and thyme”, and the tomino cheese was a soft cheese that had melted in the heat and the speck was wrapped around it and the prawns were on top. I loved the prawns but once again I did not really know why you needed them there and how they went together with the whole thing, but then again I am not a specialist in Italian food and I may not understand. The speck and the cheese were nice, but it was very strong flavour eating these 2 things together and I could not eat a lot, but it was interesting. Love had “pan fried Goose foie gras with toasted Panettone and tomato chutney” and he liked it. For the main course I ordered “Paccheri with wild game ragú and sautéed porcini mushroom” and paccheri is a large tube like pasta and I thought it was quite hard and it felt like it could have benefited with 1min extra cooking time, although I do personally like hard pasta and I did not really mind this at all, the game ragu and the mushrooms were nice and the dish was sprinkled with some parmesan cheese. My boyfriend had the “pappardelle with pan fried veal sweetbread, artichoke and lemon scent” and I though this pasta was actually a bit better. They had left a bay leaf in the pasta I guess for decoration purposes and hopefully no person has attempted to eat it, and the pasta had a lot of artichokes and a bit less sweetbread, but was lovely. I really enjoyed both the artichokes (which I don’t really see that often being added to pasta) and also the sweetbread, and as this pasta was softer than the paccheri and so was a bit nicer to eat. Love had “venison bocconcini, apple and pecorino sauce with leek compote” and the presentation of this dish was a bit cute with some watercress tied together and presented on the plate and Love also seemed to enjoy it. We also had some sides “fennel gratin with parmesan” and “mixed salad with aged balsamic dressing”, I thought the mixed salad was really overpriced as it was just different green leaves with some dressing and it cost £8. The fennel was nice and crunchy and had some parmesan on top of it, and I liked this side. After our meal we were given a small complimentary desert which was white chocolate mousse with pineapple and you could feel the white chocolate in the mouse, but the texture was a bit not right for me, although taste wise it was lovely. We did not really want any deserts, but we did order a fruit plate to share and Katrina ordered a crema catalana. I thought the fruit plate was extremely average. It was not presented in a very interesting way, all the fruit were just dumped on the plate and it had a large piece of banana and a weird shaped pineapple. Also some of the fruit was not quite ripe and hard to eat. Cotidie did have a very cool cocktail list though (the cocktails were not cheap though and on average £10) and I had a Kir Royal and an Amaretto sour and the rest of the people also indulged in some quite tasty things. I liked a lot of the things in Cotidie, the interesting menu, the taste of a lot of dishes, and it reminded me a lot of another Italian restaurant L’Anima in the city, as it is trying to be something similar in a way. Whilst I think if I had to choose the food in either L’Anima and Cotidie I would probably chose L’Anima (although this is not a strong preference), but then again L’Anima is slightly more expensive (Cotidie is still quite expensive and as I said not your everyday Italian), so I will give both places the same rating based on food per price.

Date: 02/02/13
Price for 4 people with alcohol and service charge: £325
Location: Marylebone

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