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Defune is a wonderful Japanese restaurant in Marylebone, and apparently the longest running Japanese restaurant in London as they have been open for 35 years. I went to Defune for lunch with my friend Vlad. I had been to Defune before, but a very long time ago, so I wanted to go back and try it again. Getting hold of them was a bit of a struggle. I called three times and only with the third time managed to get hold of the restaurant and book a table for Friday lunch, although that would not have been necessary as the restaurant was half full.


You can sit upstairs, but Vlad suggested we sit downstairs, as he said there was more of an atmosphere there, and that is true. Downstairs feels more cosier and the tables somehow feel more Japanese. We did not have teppanyaki (when the Japanese chef fries in front of you wonderful dishes), but they do have a Teppanyaki table downstairs. Interior is made in a modern Japanese style with natural stone and neutral tones.


The menu features your typical hot and cold Japanese dishes and they have a sushi counter where fresh sushi is prepared by the sushi chefs. They also do great bento boxes for lunch and you can choose with what (tempura, sushi, etc) to have your bento box. Vlad usually goes for these but on this particular occasion we decided to order food a la carte and then share.


We ordered a selection of sushi and sashimi, 2 miso soups, “wakamesu” or seaweed and cucumber with vinegar, gyozas and some edamame to nibble on. The seaweed and cucumber salad arrived first and it was delicious, although I always like this type of salad in Japanese restaurants, it tasted authentic and was great. Next arrived the edamame with sea salt and it was just like edamame should be. The miso soup also tasted very authentic. Gyozas were also great with delicious and fresh tasting filling and a lovely dipping sauce.


The sasmimi selection had 15 pieces altogether, a lot, and had tuna, salmon and three other types of fish I unfortunately did not recognise, but all tasted fresh and nice. I had also ordered a side portion of steamed rice to eat with the sashimi, as I always like some rice with the fish. The sushi had 7 pieces of nigiri sushi as well as 6 pieces of tuna and cucumber small rolls. The sushi was also tasty, fresh and very Japanese.


Defune did not stand out for me that much, as there are many these type of authentic and very good, very Japanese restaurants in London these days, but it offers you very high quality ingredients and an authentic Japanese meal, and if you are in Marylebone and want this sort of food, then Defune is the place for you.


Date: 16/ 08/ 13

Location: Marylebone

Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £125.01 

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