Jul 3 2012

Del Mare

I think Del-Mare restaurant in Istanbul has one of the best and beautiful views of the Bosphorus (which is stunning if you have not seen it). Del Mare is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, so it overlooks the European side which I think is a bit more interesting to look at than the Asian side (which is a far more common view point). Del Mare serves seafood with a big Turkish influence (note even though on the website it states they have influence from France, Italy and Greece, I think this place can be best described as a Turkish fish and seafood restaurant, with a wonderful Turkish fish and seafood meze). The food is very good and the restaurant is situated in an old historical building but you really go here for the view. Note the pictures below that I took have a weird orange tint to them due to the sun umbrella that was covering us which affected the colour of the pictures, so even though you can’t see the right colour of the dishes, you have to trust me that the food was amazing. 


I thought the starters (even the non-fish ones) were amazing and much better than a lot of the ones I had had in other supposedly top class places in Istanbul (and the fish ones were obviously superb). We had rice in an eggplant, which was amazing, eggplant pure, which was the most delicious and freshest type of eggplant pure dish I had on this visit to Istanbul (and one of the best I have ever had probably). Then we ate a seaweed type of dish (it is supposed to be bright beautiful green and not that awful bizarre colour that come out in the picture below) which was probably my least favourite dish as I thought it lacked flavour, but I do appreciate that it was an interesting dish and I have never had anything like this before, so there was added value in that. Next we had the octopus with oil and peppers and flavouring which was absolutely delicious. All the starters were served with a fresh green salad with some tomatoes. 


For the main course we decided to share more seafood dishes and we had prawns with peppers, fried huge calamari and a fried squid. Note I am a bit biased when it comes to squid and calamari, as I love both, and I truly enjoyed this meal, and thought the quality and taste (and spices) of both were excellent. The prawns were great too. You should definitely visit this place when you go to Istanbul.

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Del Mare
Çengelköy Mh. Kuleli Cd No:53
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