Jan 20 2013

Delaunay, The

I had been to The Delaunay in January last year when it first opened and absolutely loved it, and now I came for the second time for brunch. The Delaunay is a sister restaurant of the Wolseley, and calls itself a “Grand European Café, Restaurant” so it has that amazing aura when you enter the restaurant, with high ceilings, beautiful slightly old feel furniture, very nicely dressed staff. They also have super cool heavy silver cutlery, the nice champagne glasses from the 1950s and old clock so it feels like you could be in Vienna in the middle of the last century. The Delaunay is located on the Strand and serves Austrian/ Eastern European food and last time I came here last January I had borsch (traditional beetroot soup from Russia/ Eastern Europe) which I liked and remember being vegetarian (usually it has meat in it) as well as Chicken Kiev, and I had a great meal. This time I went for brunch with my boyfriend and my friends, a couple, Santa and Ian. I was surprised to see how buzzing and full the place was (and it is a big restaurant) even though this is not the most convenient location or an obvious one for brunch. The menu was similar to the menu that I remember seeing for dinner last time when I was here and has schnitzels, wieners (sausages) and other Austrian/ Eastern European classics, but it also has a section with your typical brunch dishes and you can have eggs, omelettes and pancakes. I loved the borsch I had last time and ordered it again as well as some “Avocado, Radish & Butter-Leaf Lettuce Salad”, and unfortunately the borsch was not as great as last time. Last time I had a clear soup, and this time it was thick, and it felt like they had mushed the traditional borsch with a blender, which is how in UK you serve most soups, but not at all how people would eat borsch in eastern Europe. They also offered you some horseradish to add to it, which I agreed to have (even though this is the first time I add horseradish to it), and this turned out to be a mistake as it actually made the soup taste less nice, which meant in the end I did not finish the whole thing. I love the traditional clear soup with crunchy beetroot floating around and not this mixed and blended one. The salad was nice, and I loved the lettuce, avocado and how they had used the posh long radishes, but the dressing was quite overpowering, and this meant I also did not finish my salad. Santa ordered Omelette Arnold Bennett, which is named after the English writer and which was invented whilst he was staying in the Savoy Hotel and which has smoked haddock, Parmesan cheese and cream added to it, and she seemed to enjoy it and finished it. The boys had the sausages (wieners) and each of them chose 2 different ones (as you could do mix and match) and they were served with potato salad, sauerkraut and caramelised onions. I really enjoyed this dish. I tried both of the sausages my boyfriend ordered and they were super tasty and I also loved the warm potatoe salad as well as the sauerkraut, it was all very good. But the best thing is eating the food in this really cool and sophisticated environment, which is not stiff at all, but very pleasant. When I start craving eastern European food again (apart from borsch), this will definitely be a place where I consider going.

Date: 20/01/13
Price for 4 people including service charge, no alcohol: £92
Location: The Strand

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The Delaunay
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