Jul 8 2012



My brother was taking a few of us clubbing to the club Piens in Riga and after our night out the boys were feeling a bit hungry so my brother suggested we all go to DeliSnack for some mid night food, as DeliSnack is located right next to the club (there are now more locations of DeliSnack, including one in the old town of Riga, and one in Liepaja, another city in Latvia). The Riga branch was very casual and was half full with people like us enjoying a meal after clubbing. 


DeliSnack offers burgers, pizzas, Chinese food and Mexican food, so from that point of view it looks like any other fast food restaurant you would go to after clubbing, but it is much better than that, because all the food is made in front of you, so it is like a gourmet burger restaurant for very reasonable prices.


DeliSnack offers a wide range of burgers (more than 15) and even the best burger restaurants in London don’t have a choice this wide, and you can chose the type of bread from 3 different ones you want to have with your burger (you can have healthier bread if you wish) and also all the sauces (huge range here once again) and vegetables. You can have all the burgers in either small or large size, and a burger on average costs LVL3 (a bit below £4). We ordered a small chicken burger and a larger size beef burger as well as fries to go with it, and the fries were good and a massive portion for the price we paid and covered in sauce. This place does seriously good value for money. The burgers were nice, and felt a bit healthier than the burgers you have in London. 


Do go there after a night out or when you fancy some casual food.


Date: 08/07/2012

Location: Riga

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Aristida Briāna iela 9, LV-1010
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