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I was visiting Paris with 7 girls and for our Saturday dinner, before hitting the clubs, we decided to visit Restaurant Derriere. Restaurant Derriere is located in the trendy Marais area, in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, hidden behind 4x4 Restaurant Damilial and the trendy Andy Wahloo bar hence it is called Derrier (as in behind) and it was opened in November 2008. They call themselves a “French cooking flat” or “home away from home” I guess because of the decor it feels like you are in someone else’s flat when you walk in, and the idea is that you can entertain friends here “at home” every night.

The décor and the atmosphere are extremely trendy, lively and buzzing. Restaurant Derriere is owned by the same people as Sketch is in London and there is a similar trendy vibe about both places, but Restaurant Derriere feels a bit more casual. When we arrived at 8pm it was still a bit quiet but when we left the whole place was packed. Different parts of the restaurant have different décor, there are cool paintings, chairs, books, just cool artifacts scattered around the place. There was also a very trendy smoking room hidden behind an actual wardrobe so like in the book “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” you had to climb through a wardrobe to get into a new area. You can either sit downstairs or upstairs and as there was such a large group of us we were seated upstairs in the private dining room which was super cool. All the chairs were different, made out of different materials, there was a large window in the room, the tables legs resembled legs of a panther, and there were wardrobes on one side of the room where we could hang our coats. Only later did we notice that there were female bottoms painted on the doors of the wardrobes, I guess to resemble “derrier” and to go with the name of the restaurant.

The food is French, simple and wholesome, made with the finest quality products. Before we ordered our food, the waiter brought us a small plate with radishes, some sort of a savoury yoghurt dip and mushrooms coated in a tomato, garlic type of sauce. All these things were delicious and especially the girls liked the mushrooms. The bread was also delicious, nice thick crust and dark good bread. The menu featured many good starters, main courses and deserts. The menu was set up in such a way that it listed the main ingredient of the dish, like beef, lamb, cod, etc and below this there was a definition of what beef, lamb, cod etc was as if taken from a dictionary and below this definition you could read the things that would be served with your chosen meat/ fish. I thought this was very trendy and interesting way how to list the dishes.
The starter that caught my attention was “Gren beans and mushroom salad, virgin olive oil & lemon” so I ordered this, and this was an incredibly delicious dish. I have had these sort of green been salads before, and this was one of the best versions I have had. The lemon and olive oil were just delicious with the mushrooms and green beans, sort of simple, but it tasted delicious. Four of the girls ordered “burrata, crushed tomato and olive tapenade, poquillos coulis”, and everyone who had it really liked it, the burrata was soft and fresh and everyone thought it was very good. You can also see pictures of the other dishes that my friends had, “beetroot served warm, walnut oil and pecan nuts” and “fois gras cooked in a terrine with sweet spices, served with toasted bread”. Jacina and Dominica that had the fois gras said it was extremely good and Clare also very much enjoyed her beetroot dish. There was not a single bad or negative thing said about any of the dishes.
I chose a main course of veal piccata and purple mustard. This was one of the veal dishes the other veal dish had vanilla and ginger but that was for two people and as no one wanted to share this veal dish with me, I had the veal dish for one person with piccata and purple mustard. Dominica had also actually ordered the same dish so they brought us the veal on one plate with the purple mustard sauce and with steamed vegetables on the same plate so we could share. I thought the veal was good, but not amazing. I have had much better veal dishes before and I was actually a bit disappointed with it. The sauce was delicious though and nice to have the veal served with a variety of steamed vegetables, which were nothing creative but the right thing to have with the veal. None of the girls had anything bad to say about the food, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the food that they chose. You can see dishes in the pictures of “beef, roasted served with a satay juice”, “lamb, roasted with garlic and sage”, “thonine (small tuna) a la plancha with espelette pimiento”, “organic sea bream fillet with seasonal vegetables”.

Some of us also ordered deserts and you can see pictures of “cheese from basque country with black cherry jam”, “macaroon with salted butter caramel” which was extremely delicious and “dacquoise with red berries, mascarpone” a little cute cake that the waiter recommended and which was also very delicious, as well as a “chocolate fondant and home made vanilla ice cream” which I did not taste.

I very much enjoyed the dinner at Derriere. The food was good and the décor and the atmosphere were very cool. If you like this cool, trendy vibe in restaurants, then you must visit this one. Also it was not that expensive and on average with great food and alcohol we paid EUR67 per person, which is good value for this sort of place.

Date: 23/ 11/ 13
Location: Paris
Price for 8 people with alcohol, no service charge: EUR 538

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69 Rue des Gravilliers 75003
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