Oct 14 2014

Develi Kebap


Develi Kebap serves the sort of food I would like to have as my last meal. I love the typical Turkish kebab restaurant, which Develi Kebap is. Develi Kebap is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is a very big restaurant, it is huge with many tables across the large space. I am not sure if they ever can fill this space. We came here on a Tuesday for lunch and only a few tables were occupied, but that meant we had a nice table by the window.

Like in other typical Turkish kebab restaurants, the waiter brings you a plate of different various starters and then you can chose which one you want to eat (easy to chose as you look at the starters and just point to the one you want to eat) and they bring you a new, fresh plate of this starter. When we arrived they also brought us some pickled vegetables, bread and the typical Turkish raw meat. The pickled vegetables, the easiest way to my heart, were amazing, and you had to take a small bit of the raw meat, add some lemon juice to it and wrap it into a lettuce leave, which you can see me doing in the picture. Not my favourite bit of the meal, but I did enjoy it.

We ordered some cold starters, my favourite salad in the whole world that comes from Turkey and consists of tomatoes and walnuts, red onions and other ingredients. Here I did not think it was as good as the salad in Kosebasi (MMMMM), but still I love this salad. We also got the rice wrapped in wine leaves, another starter I absolutely love, well executed here, a mixed vegetable salad, a sort of like spicy tomato salad/ salsa/ sauce, which is also very typical to Turkish cuisine and which I like. We also ordered 2 dips, eggplant puree and a yoghurt based dip. Besides the cold starters, we also got some hot ones, the small round Turkish pizza, one of the dishes I also order every time I go to a Turkish kebab restaurant, a personal favourite. Here once again the pizza was nice but not as nice as in Kosebasi. And the other hot starter we ordered is the typical round nut and meat fried ball, another typical Turkish dish, which is delicious.

We did not order a separate main course each and asked the waiter to bring us a variety of cooked meat to share, like you often do in these kebab restaurants. The plate that they brought us was absolutely massive, it had loads of different meat – chicken, chicken wings, lamb and kofte – as well as vegetables – onions, coriander, fried tomatoes and the Turkish green chilli. It was a very typical plate with the delicious garlic sauce and rice and a chunk of a small lamb shank in the middle. The kebab plate was delicious. As I always do in Turkey, I ate way too much, enough for three meals (and even then the 4 of us could not finish all the food), but as I love this food so much, I can’t stop.

I had an amazing meal at Develi Kebap, because I love this sort of food, and whilst I think Develi Kebap is good, I think other restaurants do some of the dishes I had at Develi Kebap just a touch better.

Date: 14/ 10/ 14
Location: Istanbul
Price for 4 people, no alcohol and no service charge: TRY 276 (around 77 pounds).

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Develi Kebap
Etiler Mahallesi, Tepecik Yolu, No 22, Beşiktaş
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