Mar 25 2012



Dexhels is a fusion restaurant (Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and European food) in the Hague, Netherlands. I thought the concept of doing this was great, however some of the dishes I did not think were that tasty or good.

There were however some delicious dishes like the Indonesian satay which apparently is a home recipe of the chef (and I guess Indonesian dishes would be the best due to the Netherlands and Indonesian link). I also very much enjoyed the duck pancakes which were sort of similar to the pancakes you make in a Chinese restaurant with the crispy aromatic duck.

The dishes that I thought could have been better were a crab dish, bento box (did not like the dumplings), sashimi, cod ceviche and goats cheese salad. I sort of could tell what these dishes were aiming to achieve as there are similar dishes I have had in London, but the taste of all these was just a bit off.

The presentation of the dishes was great though, the plates were colourful, pretty to look at and appetizing. I also very much liked the creative menu and how the chef was combining different ingredients, that I have not seen anywhere else before. However as I said the taste of some of the dishes did let them down somewhat.

Date: 25/ 03/ 12
Location: The Hague

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Denneweg 130, 2514 CL
The Hague
Dexhels Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5