Sep 26 2014

Dirty Bones


Dirty Bones is the new (relatively) un-healthy but trendy food restaurant in London. It is located just of High Street Kensington, an unusual location for this sort of restaurant as they are mainly in Soho or more “alternative”/ “hisper” areas of London, but it just shows even wealthy people from Kensington love this sort of food.

My friend Victoria told me about this place and I had also seen a few reviews, so I booked a table for my boyfriend and I on a Friday evening. Dirty Bones restaurant (if you can call it a restauranr) has a bright red neon sign outside of the place (that did not come out well in the pictures and that my friend Paul says reminds him of a dubious establishment) and you go downstairs to a basement bar. The cocktail bar (and they have some amazing, creative cocktails, see a picture below) is very trendy, sort of hidden and a great place for a date. The restaurant is located in another room. British designer Lee Broom designed the restaurant and the cocktail bar. The place was quite full when we went there, but not completely full which surprised me as usually these sort of places are packed on the weekends.

Dirty Bones focuses on hot dogs and bones (meat that is served on the bone) and other well-made but a bit naughty food. The main chef is Ross Clarke. I loved the menu when I first set eyes on it and wanted to eat and order everything. In the end I settled for two starters – chicken wings (for £6) and charred padron peppers with a citrus glaze (for £4). Both dishes were excellent. The citrus glaze around the padron peppers and the charring made them that extra bit more delicious than they usually are. The chicken wings had a flavor of lemon, chilli and they were topped with spring onion and I was eating them and thinking these were one of the best chicken wings I have had in a while. I recently had chicken wings in Zuma and they were not as good as these ones. My boyfriend does not enjoy this sort of food as much as these days as he is in a super healthy mood training for his marathon, so he was not a fan of the chicken wings. So if you come here, you have to like this sort of food.

We ordered one of the hot dogs, the waitress recommended the Mexican (for £8), with pulled pork, cactus salsa, lime sour cream and guacamole. You could also chose what sort of sausage you wanted to have in it (from beef, pork and vegetarian) and we went for the beef one. You could also have a hot dog without the bun for the health obsessed people. The hot dog was amazing. A bit hard to eat as it had so many things in it, and it did not actually taste like a typical hot dog because of all the other flavours you had in it, which I actually really liked.

We also ordered “grilled and smoked pickles” with oat smoked vegetables as a little naugty side for me as I love pickles, flat iron steak (for £12, one of the most expensive things on the menu, and not that expensive) with dirty bones glaze from the “bones” section on the menu, and a few sides – triple cooked fries, chopped salad (small portion) and collard greens. The flat iron steak came with a burning rosemary stalk which added pretty-ness to the dish and also made it smell nice. I was surprised how tasty and soft the meat was as you can get steak that is not that great and chewy in some restaurants. I really wanted to have the dirty fries (triple cooked fries with chilli cheese sauce, bbq sauce and cactus salsa) but my boyfriend did not let me so I had to settle for triple cooked fries without all the extras. Boyfriend had 4 pieces and left the rest of it to me, and I had so many. These were some of the best fries I have had in a while, they had a sort of peppery taste to it, that I could not work out which made them taste absolutely amazing. The chopped salad was nice too, had a good dressing and the collard greens mainly consisted of kale, another tasty dish.

I really enjoyed Dirty Bones. I loved the cocktails, the vibe and I found the food very tasty and enjoyable. I will be back, when my boyfriend gets back to normal and starts eating fun food again.

Date: 26/ 09/ 14
Price for 2 people with a few cocktails: £73.12

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Dirty Bones
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