Aug 31 2013

Dong Que


This was my worst meal in Vietnam. This place really showed how not to do Vietnamese food. 


Dong Que is located in the DMZ (the demilitarised zone, in the middle of Vietnam, a few hours away from the city Hue) in Dong Ha. We were on a tour looking around the DMZ and our tour included lunch and our tour guides dropped us here for lunch. The place did not look great, it was super hot, the air con was not working and just in general was very let down, but the thing that was interesting about this place were the maps of the Vietnam war displayed on the walls there. 


We had a set menu, we could not chose any of the food, and they brought us some steamed vegetables, rice, omelette, something vaguely similar to spring rolls and prawns baked in loads of batter in these sort of pancakes. All the food apart from the steamed vegetables and the rice was awful, and also the steamed vegetables did not really stand out in a great way they had just not been murdered and in general I like steamed vegetables. They were served with soy sauce though, something that I did not frequently, if at all, see in Vietnam, and I think this just showed this place gave you soy sauce because you were a foreigner and they thought that is what you like.


The omelette was super bland, the wannabe spring rolls were a disaster. There was a lot of cabbage and then they were cooked in a lot of oil, they felt super greasy, not tasty at all and just a bit weird. Another contender for the worst dish were the prawn little parcels/ cakes. Each fist size parcel/ cake contained around 2/3 small prawns and the rest was just batter you were supposed to eat. I ate one of them reluctantly as I was hungry and tried to get the 2 prawns out from the next one and left all the batter. Needless to say we did not eat a lot of the food and left quite a bit of it uneaten. 


If you are in the DMZ area and in Dong Ha, you should avoid this place. This place does strange sort of food, you can’t even call this Vietnamese what we had. You would be much better off just getting some Pho from the streets around the area and eating with the locals than coming here. 


Date: 31/ 08/ 13

Location: Dong Ha, Vietnam

Price for 2 people: I don’t know as was included in our tour price

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Dong Que
Dong Ha, 09 Le Duan
Dong Ha
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