Feb 18 2012

The Dower House Restaurant


The Dower House Restaurant is located in the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath and my boyfriend and I were staying there for 1 night. During the evening we were feeling hungry and we wanted to go and eat in the Dower House restaurant but as we did not have a reservation they told us we had to wait for 1h for a table. I did not really want to do this and I started begging them and saying this was my 1st time in Bath and I was not from UK and after all this they gave us a table instantly (shows what persuasion can do!!!). I really liked the quails eggs with little toasted bread and mayonnaise they gave you at the beginning and thought it was great. We did not want to have any starters as we were feeling quite full, so we just ordered main courses. I ordered a skate which was nicely presented and was ok, although seemed a bit undercooked. My boyfriend ordered a pigeon which was also very pink. Overall it was good food just a tiny bit boring and predictable.

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The Dower House Restaurant
Royal Crescent Hotel 6 Royal Crescent, BA1 2LS
United Kingdom
The Dower House Restaurant Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5