Nov 28 2012

East Street


My boyfriend got an email saying if he went to East Street on a certain week and showed his business card, he would get 50% off any main courses there (everyone from his work could use this offer), so I was very keen to take advantage of this offer as I had not been to East Street before and I thought this would be a perfect dinner as we would be saving money. East Street is located just a few streets away from Tottenham Court Road, in the same location where the restaurant Eagle Bar and Diner used to be that I had visited before with my friends, which I thought was quite nice and thought it did well, so I was surprised to see another restaurant there. But then again change for the better is never bad. East Street serves fresh pan Asian cooking, and the menu features dishes from most of the Asian countries – Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea and Phillipenes, and it serves traditional dishes from all these places. So if there is something Asian you desire, the chances are they will have it. The place is super funky and inside you can see signs that could have been taken from various Asian countries, advertising a clothing shop or a souvenir shop, hanging from the ceiling. Your table map features the map of Asia that explains what type of dishes come from the various countries, and also the menu lists the countries where the dishes come from. I liked the food here as it was not pretention, and it delivered nice Asian flavors and food, and it was a great casual place if you fancied something Asian. We decided to share ”Goi Cuon” from Vietnam, which was fresh rice-paper rolls filled with vegetables, glass noodles & Asian herbs, and these were really nice rolls, filled with great things and I also liked the sauce that went with it. Definitely not as nice as the last rice paper rolls that I had in Naga, but for the price I was paying, good starter. We also shared “Bulgogi” from Korea, slices of marinated grilled beef, served with Kimchi, and the meet was delicious, kimchi was also nice, and even though it was not as nice as the beef we had in Bibigo a few weeks ago which cost £18, here this dish cost only £6, and was a decent portion of delicious meet for what you paid. We also had the traditional Tom Yam soup from Thailand (if you don’t know it has glass noodles, prawns & straw mushrooms in a hot-and sour clear broth, flavored with lemongrass, lime & chilies), and it was a delicious soup, very flavorsome, spicy and had all the things you needed, as well as “Kway Teow” from Malaysia, which has flat rice noodles with choi sum & spring onion,  served with chili, garlic & a thick, dark soy sauce. This was probably the least inspiring dish we had, as I thought it was a bit mushy and lacked any real flavor. And to go with the dishes we also shared some sesame and ginger salad which included Chinese leaf, curly endive and shredded carrot as well as a selection of pickles (cucumber, white radish and ginger). I did like the taste of the salad, but it did fell like something extra was missing, and I can’t really work out what, but the pickles were great, I thought the ginger was nicer than the rest though. East Street is perfect if you are craving some Asian dishes from more than one country, as there are very few places that give you the variety that this place does (perfect if you and your friends want different Asian country dishes, as this is a nice compromise), and even though all the dishes are nicely executed, it does sometimes feel like that authentic feel from the dishes is missing that you get in specialized Malaysian, Japanese etc restaurants, which is understandable as they need to create so many Asian flavors in one place, and they are making them just a bit mainstream. 

Date: 28/11/12
Location: Tottenham Court Road
Price for 2 people including 2 drinks, no service charge: £48 (we got the meal at a slight discount, so £39.17, and paid total £45 to include service charge)

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East Street
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