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Ecocatering is a restaurant in Riga. It is located next to the Valmieras market and is not easy to find as it is not located on the main street and there are not many signs showing you where Ecocatering is. Once you find the place you also need to walk up soviet era steps to get to the dining room, which is sort of cool for locals and me but can maybe turn some people off this place (the building where Ecocatering is located used to be a factory and actually overlooks another old factory as well). The actual dining area is nice and as we came here on one of the hottest days of the year we were sitting outside, on their first floor terrace, but there is also an inside area where you can eat when it is cold.

All the ingredients that Ecocatering uses are grown in biological (organic) farms. My friend Guna had chosen this place for us for brunch as they specifically on the phone when we booked said they would be serving brunch, but when we showed up, they told us there was no brunch and we had to order from their a la carte menu. The menu features soups, salads, main courses, burgers and at the entrance to the dining room there was also a chef cooking pancakes, which you could order. I ordered the Caesar Salad with bacon and parmesan cheese for EUR 6.70 and my boyfriend chose salmon with pea puree, aubergine and Hollandaise sauce for EUR 14.60 (the most expensive dish on the menu). I did not think any of these dishes were particularly good or tasty and I thought the salmon was under seasoned and a bit of a boring dish.

The funniest thing was that a dish that my friend Arturs ordered which was “spinach salad with balsamic tomatoes, fried mushrooms and egg” (EUR 6.40) came with bacon instead of mushrooms, and nobody had told us about this change of menu. Arturs is a vegetarian, who does sometimes eat meat, but I just think it is really bad to put on a menu a vegetarian dish that potential vegetarians will chose and then to bring you meat in it. Arturs also ordered an egg burger (EUR 7.20), which I think is such a bad concept to begin with and the egg burger had scrambled eggs in it. The fries that went with it were nice, I tried one and really liked it, but I have never heard of an egg burger concept, egg sandwich yes.

The dish that all my other friends ordered were the pancakes and different people chose to have them with different sauces (you could have chocolate, caramel or strawberry). Because the chef was not equipped to cook for so many pancakes all at once it took us more than an hour to get all the pancake orders that we had asked for. They would bring the food not all together, but when the pancakes were ready so a lot of poor hungry people were looking at other people’s plates and waiting a long time. The pancakes were good though when they did arrive.

I think the name and the concept “Ecocatering” promises a lot more than the place actually delivers. I did not have a feeling at all that all the ingredients were organic and nicer, the menu was quite average and the food that we got was ok but not amazing.

Date: 26/ 07/ 14
Price for 2 of us: EUR35
Location: Riga

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Matīsa street 8, second floor
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