Jul 1 2012

Eight Over Eight


A long time ago I subscribed to be on the mailing list for the Ricker Restaurant group that owns 6 restaurants in London - E&O in Notting Hill, Great Eastern Dining Room in Shoreditch, XO on Belsize Lane, Cacada on St John Street, Glo Glo in Shoreditch and Eight over Eight in Chelsea and last Saturday I was very excited to see that they sent me an email saying they are doing a promotion in Eight over Eight and you can go there every Sunday in July and have 40% discount on all the food you have. I have been to 3 Ricker restaurants and I generally have liked the food before (they all serve almost the same type of pan Asian dishes) so I was keen to use this offer. We got to the restaurant quite late at 3pm on Sunday which probably explained why the restaurant was quite empty (or maybe the restaurant is just empty so they need to do the promotional offer). I loved the composition of the menu in Eight over Eight, it was very cool and well-structured with sushi/ sashimi selection, snack section (gyozas, dumplings, edamame beans), salad section, curry selection and cooked meat/ fish section. The structure resembles the menus in Japanese restaurants (Zuma, Nobu, ROKA), but the food in Eight over Eight is more pan asian (more Chinese influence it feels) and also it feels like a more structured menu! I thought Eight over eight was quite expensive for what it was offering though, and it tried to charge prices similar to top class London Japanese restaurants, e.g. the black cod dish on the menu was £36 and the average price of the main is 20, making a meal here quite expensive and I did think the price did not live up to the quality and whilst the food is nice and tasty for some dishes it feels like a slightly more upmarket version of Busaba Eathai. The two of us shared 4 dishes plus edamame beans (I have totally given up on trying to compare edamame beans in different restaurants as this is one dish that tastes the same to me almost everywhere). We had the spicy tuna ura maki which was nice (but as I had been to ROKA 2 days ago and I still had the taste of the nice maki rolls from there firmly embedded in my mind Eight over Eight was a bit disappointing) and the nori wrapped chicken dumplings. The chef clearly had tried to be imaginative when creating this chicken dumpling dish as I have not seen this type of dumplings in any other place but unfortunately the taste did not live up to it. For the main course we had the “barramundi, jungle (spicy) curry” which was mildly spicy and very similar to the fish curries at Busaba Eathai at half the price and beef bulgogi and they brought us cooked beef with a sauce, was ok if you like beef but nothing special. So to summarise food is nice but a bit too expensive for the taste and quality, although ok when you have 40% off.


Date - 01/07/12

Price for 2 without alcohol and including the 40% discount for food offer: £48

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Eight Over Eight
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