Jan 10 2013

El Jibarito


I spent a long time on line googling and reading my travel guides trying to find the best casual and traditional Puerto Rican restaurant, as we were in Puerto Rico only for one full day and so I was keen to try the local food that I had read a lot about. In the end I decided to settle for El Jibarito as all the guide books said the locals go there, it is authentic, and it was on the way for us as well, whilst we were sightseeing. Old San Juan streets at mid day, when we were looking for the restaurant, were very quiet but once you got closer to El Jibarito you could hear chatter and pleasant noise that this restaurant was generating. 


When we got there most of the tables were taken and we were shown to one of the few unoccupied ones (when we left there was a queue of people waiting for a table as there were no free ones). The inside is full of paintings and interesting traditional decorations and artefacts and gives the place character. The waiter was good at explaining what were the signature dishes and we ordered a “beef encebollado” which was a traditional Puerto Rican dish (I read about it in my guidebook and so thought we had to have it) which was beef with onions and it was served with some mofongo (you could choose your side dish from 2 types of rice and various type of plantain dishes and I chose mofongo as I had also read this was the typical Puerto Rican side sort of like a plantain cake). We also had shrimps with garlic sauce and some yellow rice as a second dish. The portions were quite large when they finally arrive and looked very appealing. The beef and onion dish had a very interesting taste to it, the beef was super thin and it went nicely with the onions, I really liked it. The mofongo was a very typical plantain cake (not that I have had it before, but there was nothing surprising in it, and just like you would expect it to be). The shrimps were also nice and had a great light garlic taste to them and went well with the peppers and onions they were cooked with. The rice was also nice and had small white beans mixed in. 


This is definitely a great place for casual and not too expensive Puerto Rican food and it also does not seem like a tourist trap as there were a lot of local people  there and only a few foreigners. 


Date: 10/01/13

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price for 2 with 2 pina coladas and including service charge: $52

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El Jibarito
280 Calle Sol 00901
San Juan
Puerto Rico
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