Jan 25 2014

El Rey de la Gamba


It was a Sunday morning in Barcelona and a group of us wanted to get some lunch before our group sauna/ spa appointment, and we decided to go to the seaside to get some fish tapas, in a restaurant called El Rey de la Gamba (the king of prawns in english). The restaurant is located in the Barceloneta area of Barcelona, close to the beach, on one of the big streets which is quite a touristy area. On this street there were a few restaurants located next to each other with the same name, a few El Rey de la Gambas and even a El Rey de la Gamba 2.
The menu at our El Rey de la Gamba was extensive and had mainly Spanish tapas and also some bigger main courses. The menu featured all the typical tapas you would expect to find. We shared most of the things and you can see pictures of patatas bravas (Spanish potatoes), octopus a la gallega (Spanish Octopus), manchego cheese, Spanish jamon Iberico (ham) and pan con tomate (the Spanish tomato bread). We also ordered deep fried calamari, garlic prawns, sardines and some salads, the latter which I seem to have forgotten to photograph. My boyfriend also went for one of their main courses, fried steak served with baked potatoes and grilled peppers.
The food was ok, it was not bad, it was just very touristy, it was done in a way you expect Spanish food to be served in a touristy restaurant, without that extra interesting factor, but as I said all the things tasted like they should. The only thing that I did not like though was this extremely bright coloured deep fried calamari, which looked a bit toxic. I took off the toxic layer and had the plain calamari which was good. I especially liked the thick toasted pan con tomate and also the octopus, was very tasty.
This places serves decent tapas, food is good, not too expensive, but just feels a bit soul-less and touristy. But if you are by the beach and want to have a quick lunch, it is not a bad option to go to one of these El Rey de la Gamba restaurants.
Date: 25/ 01/ 12
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Price for 6 people, no alcohol: EUR 146.70

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El Rey de la Gamba
Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 53 08003
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