Apr 1 2013

Electric House

Electric House is located in Notting Hill and part of the same private members’ club chain as Shoreditch House which I have already reviewed (gave it MMMm). The Electric House has a cinema, a bar, a smoking terrace, a library and a restaurant located on the 2nd floor which is where I went. There is also Electric Diner, another venue where you can have food and which is owned by the same team, but there you can go even if you are not a member, but for the restaurant in Electric House, just like with Shoreditch house if you want to go there you will need to find a nice member to take you there.

I went to Electric House on a bank holiday for lunch with my friend Katrina (same friend that helped me review Shoreditch House), her boyfriend Love and their mutual friends. Just like with the other private member houses in London which are part of the same group Electric House feels extremely welcome but in contrast to Shoreditch House which has a big dining area and long communal tables, the Electric House restaurant feels more upscale and a bit more cosy as it has booth seating with many tables scattered around a long room overlooks the kitchen. The menu however is smaller than in Shoreditch House and also less interesting. The thing that I so love about Shoreditch house is that they have their own pizza oven and they bake amazing and delicious pizzas and this is not the same in Electric House,. Also the salads were large and super cool in Shoreditch House and there is nothing like this in Electric House. Nevertheless it still offers a very good brunch with all your typical brunch things on the menu.

I decided to order a single cheeseburger (you can also go for a double) and as I did not want any fries they served the burger with a side of salad. The burger was good, had a delicious bun and it had an extra pickle next to it, which I loved as I love pickles, but I did not think the salad was that nice. I loved all the different leaves in the salad but I was just not that crazy about the dressing which was quite simple which in itself is not a problem, but the problem was it was not very tasty. My friend Katrina had “Eggs Royale” (poached eggs topped with smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce and her boyfriend Love went for the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and rye toast and both these things looked good but quite ordinary and typical these type of dishes. Their friends chose a dish of “Avocado on toast, poached egg”, and it also looked decent. On the menu in Shoreditch house it was stated that you can't take pictures or even use your phone, and as I was scared the same would apply to Electric House (even though it was not stated on the menu), I tried to be very quick and sneaky when taking my pictures of the dishes, so you can see some of the pictures are a bit rushed. 

I think the food is good at Electric House but it is very typical brunch food, and you will get a decent meal but there won’t be anything creative or interesting there. If you want to play it safe and do it in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, then this is the place for you.

Date: 01/04/13
Location: Notting Hill
Price: I don’t know as Katrina was super sweet and paid for me

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Electric House
191 Portobello Road W11 2ED
United Kingdom
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