May 11 2012

Enoteca Super Tuscan


I had read in an Evening Standard review that this place was supposed to be one of the nicest Italian restaurants serving traditional Tuscan food by Liverpool street, so I was very keen to try it out and was disappointed. The menu is super small, only about 6 small plates, and equal number of sharing plates and mains to chose from. But that is ok if they really focus on the food they provide and if the food is great, which here it was not… but what annoyed me the most were the prices! This place thought it was either Zuma or located in Mayfair as it charged inappropriate prices for food (and I do pay attention to the price a lot, as I need to pay good value for the food I get to save money on my much loved designer items). The small plates that can be used as starters were ~£5/ each, and we had 2 starters which turned out to be 1 breaded mushroom and 2 small prawns (and neither was amazing!!) for which I had to pay £12 (as the2 small prawns were actually £7.50)!! The mains were equally unimpressive and expensive for what they were. I had the traditional Tuscan dish Salsicce con lenticchie that had chargrilled sausages flavoured with fennel seeds, and served with lentils, but it turned out to be just 2 tiny sausages and loads of lentils and some bread, all for £16, and it was not amazing. The side that I got with it was tomato salad (which I usually love) but here it was just plain cut up tomato with some drips of olive oil you could not even properly taste. Rob my dinning buddy had a steak and he said it was equally unimpressive and this place charged £26 for it, and they were no Goodmans.


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Enoteca Super Tuscan
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