Nov 11 2013


I was visiting Abu Dhabi for a day and my friend Ahmed suggested we go to hotel Rotana for lunch. He said he always goes there for lunch when in Abu Dhabi and they do a very good buffet lunch. Rotana hotel is very nice and luxurious and situated in the middle of Abu Dhabi. There are many restaurants in Rotana hotel, but the one we chose – Essence – is perfect for lunchtime, as they do a luxurious buffet serving international dishes from around the world.

The dining room is beautiful with high ceilings that have Arabesque decorations and the restaurant’s decor combines Arabic and modern décor. On one side of the room you can find various cooking stations which include an indoor bakery, a Tandoor oven, Mediterranean meat and stations on which sushi and salads are placed. On the other side of the room, there are tables, but you can also sit and eat outside overlooking the man-made water source of Abu Dhabi, which is what we did..

1. Below in the pictures you can see various plates that we assembled from the buffet, and all of us visited the buffet twice. The first time I chose to have prawns, and they had a great station with prawns without shell, with shell and mussels, the seafood looked delicious and it was good quality, not some old looking prawns like you can see in some seafood buffets. I also chose Tabbouleh, which I like as well as wine leaves, hummus and pitta bread from the Arabic section. They also had beautiful Arabic cooked meat, and I got some chicken and beef. Note though you could feel that the meat had been cooked a while ago and standing under the hot lamps for a bit, so it was not as fresh as it could be, but nevertheless I very much enjoyed my first plate of food. For my second plate of food, I got some sushi from the sushi section, and all the sushi there were rolls, not nigiri. They did not have a big variety and a lot of the sushi rolls were not that amazing, and the only one that I really liked was the sushi roll with tuna.

You can also see in the pictures the other food that my friends Rob and Ahmed chose and put on their plate. I think this was a great lunch we had here. Most of the food was very good, all of it was fresh, the choice was incredible, there were so many options to have from so many countries, and this is a good place for a nice casual lunch. The inside dining room makes it fell very luxurious as well.

Date: 11/ 11/ 13
Location: Abu Dhabi

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10th Street Beach Rotana Hotel
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
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