May 12 2012

Fat Virgin's Cafe

The Fat Virgin’s café is the cheapest restaurant/ cafe in the Bitter End, a place in British Virgin Islands, on the Virgin Gorda Island, as all the other restaurants are much more expensive. We went there for a late lunch as our sailing company had recommended this place and the menu is very similar to other casual eating places in the BVI and features burger, seafood and some typical West Indian dishes. 


We ordered a chicken rotti and a burger. The burger was great, they cooked the meat in front of you in a grill and it was served with some blue cheese on top and some fries and coleslaw and I thought it was very nice. The chicken rotti (a traditional West Indian type of food, chicken curry wrapped in an East Indian flatbread) was nice and I thought it was actually a tiny bit better than the chicken rotti we had had in Willy T, another restaurant in BVI, on another island. This is a great casual lunch spot if you are ever in the Bitter End. 


Date: 05/12/12

Location: Bitter End, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Price for 2, no alcohol: $38 (and I left $4 service charge)

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Fat Virgin's Cafe
North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
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