Sep 13 2014


Fischer’s is now one of my favourite Marylebone restaurants. It recently opened on the premises that an Italian restaurant Cotidie used to occupy before it closed down. Fischer’s is a sister restaurant to Wolseley, The Delaunay and Brasserie Zedel and the style and interior is done in the same last century central European style. Just like the Delaunay, Fischer’s focuses on Austrian food, but in contrast to the Delaunay it is a much smaller restaurant which makes it more intimate.


I love the food that Fischer’s serves. The menu includes such exciting things like cured fish, schnitzels, sausages, brötchen and strudels. I came here for lunch on a weekend with my boyfriend and literally wanted to order everything. Being easter European, this is the sort of food I want to eat. In the end my boyfriend ordered Austrian Gröstl, a sort of breakfast/ brunch dish, which had Paprika Fried Potatoes & Onions, Bacon and a Fried Hen’s Egg (he asked to have poached eggs instead of the hen’s egg) all for £11.25. It was a delicious fried breakfast dish. The combination of ingredients was great, and it is the sort of fried breakfast I would like to see on the menu more.


I ordered a chicken schnitzel for £14.50 (you could also pay £1.75 more and have it topped with anchovy, cappers and egg which the man sitting at the table next to me was having). The schnitzel was perfectly cooked, thin with the most delicious crust. I have often tried to cook schnitzels at home and never have I been anywhere close to making it as good as this one. We also ordered and shared a “wurstchen” where you could have 2 sausages of your choice (we settled for Bockwurst with pork, paprika and chive and Thüringer with caraway spiced pork) served with potato salad, sauerkraut and caramelised onions all for £11. Sausages were tasty and I love sauerkraut, so another dish that I personally loved. I also had to order a side of pickled cucumber salad for £4, and they were very good, not too strong in flavour, sort of mildly pickled but very tasty.


I am a bit biased towards Fischer’s as I absolutely love the sort of food it serves, but I had a great meal there. The dining room is also so very welcoming and pleasant with a huge hanging watch in the middle of the room. 


Date: 13/ 09/ 14

Price for 2 people: £56

Location: Marylebone 

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50 Marylebone High Street W1U 5HN
United Kingdom
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