May 20 2013

Fish Market

It was Monday lunchtime and my work plans had changed which meant I had to come up with a fish restaurant in the city to take a Russian company to for lunch, as the CEO for the company really wanted to eat fish. I thought about it, and D&D group’s restaurant Fish Market came to my mind, as I was sure they served fish and I had been to their New Street Grill before (located right next to the Fish Market) and enjoyed it.

We arrived a bit early, at 11.15 and the restaurant only opens at 11.30, but we were seated and could order our drinks. The inside of the restaurant is very casual with wooden tables and chairs, black, white and turquoise colour scheme and to one side there is a bar where you can see some of their fresh fish. Fish Market seems more casual than New Street Grill, the neighboring steak restaurant from the same chain that just like Fish Market opened a few months ago, and I almost felt a bit uneasy bringing a CEO of a company to such a casual place and think he would have liked a more upscale in terms of looks restaurant.

The menu has raw fish, salads, soups, as well as their daily fish like lemon sole, dover sole, plaice, mackerel, turbot, sea bream that you can have cooked the way you want it (steamed or pan fried), with a side and a sauce. All their fish is sustainable and the fish and other ingredients are sourced from the British Isles, and there is no meat on the menu. Barry Macmillan is head chef and he likes to cook food that is “clean, light, full of fresh flavours, and healthy”.

The CEO ordered a dozen oysters (at £2 each) as his starter as well as a side salad of “Baby gem salad, Ortiz anchovies, croutons & Parmesan”. He seemed to enjoy both dishes and finished all of them. I don’t know his thought on the food though as I did not think it would be appropriate to quiz him too much, but he does like Fish and was telling me how last weekend he was in Brighton eating oysters in a similar restaurant, and at least he did not complain. His colleague went for the “Fish soup, rouille & croutons”, which looked tasty and proper served with the croutons and the sauce, she also finished the whole thing. I ordered the prawn and crayfish cocktail. The menu said you could choose from either a prawn or a crayfish cocktail but as I wanted a bit of both, I asked for it to be mixed together which they did for me. It was a bit hard to get all the fish out of the glass in which they served it (due to its shape), and all the ingredients were not mixed together so the lettuce was at the bottom and the fish and the sauce at the top of the glass and eating it required some precise fork action, but it was lovely and tasty, just like it should be. The bread they brought us was not very impressive though. It was just white bread cut up into pieces with some butter.

The CEO and his colleague both ordered lemon sole (the menu said Day boat lemon sole 400g for 21.95), and the CEO had it off the bone and his colleague on the bone (you can see both variations in the pictures). They did not want to have any sauce with it (even though it was included in the price), and instead the CEO had a Tomato & red onion salad as a side (same as me). Everyone once again finished their food, and I think they enjoyed it, as they were saying how you have to pay astronomical prices in Russia for the same thing, but I was a bit too scared to really quiz them once again. The tomato salad, which I also had was nice and well-seasoned. I ordered “Sea bass ceviche, coriander & mint” which is a starter, for my main course, accompanied by the previously mentioned tomato salad as well as another starter, the “Baby gem salad, Ortiz anchovies, croutons & Parmesan”, which as I mentioned the CEO had as a starter. The ceviche was decent, I did not think the sea bass was amazing quality, but it also was not bad, and I did very much like the sauce/ marinade. The baby gem salad was nice with chunky croutons, but the anchovies were extremely salty and I personally prefer it when they use milder type as otherwise it is hard to eat them as they are so overpowering.

The food was good overall, although I was quite surprised to see Dover Sole at Fish Market cost the same (£34) as Dover Sole at the Savoy, and if I had a choice I would much rather have the Dover Sole in the beautiful Savoy dining room. Also even though the food was good there was nothing extra in Fish Market, like the ambience, some dish, etc, to make me want to come back and for Fish Market to really stand out among all the other fish restaurants.

Date: 20/05/2013
Price for 3 people, with a few glasses of wine, and a service charge: 165.26
Location: City

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Fish Market
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