Sep 7 2014


I love cooking and cook a lot these days and one of my favourite places where to buy fish is FishWorks shop on Marylebone High Street. They always have the freshest and nicest fish in the shop and you can get premium lobster, tuna (the sort you eat raw), oysters and other amazing fish and shellfish. Besides the shop, they also have a restaurant and one day we decided to try it out and go there. Besides this Marylebone High Street restaurant, FishWorks also has a restaurant on Swallow Street near Piccadilly, where just like in the Marylebone one, they serve the freshest and highest quality seafood. A lot of restaurants say they serve fresh and sustainable seafood, but you can really taste it at Fish Works, and there is no doubt that this fish and shellfish is superior to a lot of the other ones you can get.

We had booked our table via open table and they had an offer and we got 30% off food, which was an amazing deal and in the end we had some of the freshest seafood in London and did not pay that much. My boyfriend went for one of their specials (they have many specials written on the black board every day), smoked salmon with capers and salmon as a starter, and I decided to get the FishWorks cocktail of prawns with vodka Mary Rose sauce. We also ordered the bread board with taramasalata. The taramasalata was excellent. You can also buy it in the shop at the front, and it is home made on the premises. It was creamy and had a lot of flavour. I loved the Fish Works cocktail of prawns, it had bigger and smaller prawns, a lot of seafood, and just the right amount of salad and sauce, all the ingredients were balanced perfectly. My boyfriend also loved this dish. The smoked salmon was good, a good smoked salmon dish, but compared to the prawn cocktail, less impressive, and I did not like the cream sort of thing in the middle of the dish.

We went for 2 specials for our main courses. A halibut steak and a wing of a ray. Both were incredible. The halibut was served with a garlic pesto mash, and the mash was delicious, you could taste the garlic, just the right amount, the pesto was delicious, and the fish very fresh and tasty, and meaty like halibut is, I loved this dish. I equally liked the ray wing, it was served with capers and butter and was fresh, tender and very well cooked, just the right amount for the fish to still be still moist and delicious. As I said, I frequently order fish in restaurants, and was so positively surprised to get such great fish in the middle of London. I went to Dorset and Devon and had similar dishes there, but I don’t find such great fish in London that often. It should not have been a surprise, as their ingredients that I buy from the shop are excellent, but still it was just a bit unexpected. We also ordered Fresh broad & runner bean salad with Chargrilled fennel, English radishes and fresh herb dressing as a side, and it was a crunchy, unusual side, and quite nice.

The inside of the restaurant is casual, and the atmosphere warm and welcoming, yet they serve some of the best fish in London, so if you like fish, you should definitely visit FishWorks.

Date: 07/ 09/ 14
Location: Marylebone
Price for 2 people, no alcohol: around £70 (with the 30% off food offer)

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89 Marylebone High Street W1U 4QW
United Kingdom
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