Apr 18 2014

Five Fields


Five Fields is a modern British restaurant in South Kensington. I went there on a Friday evening with Marieke, Josh and my boyfriend. The restaurant is located just off the main road in a nice house. The chef patron is  Taylor Bonnyman and the Head Chef is Marguerite Keogh and they cook food with an emphasis on native British artisanal produce. They can do this as they have their own herb and vegetable garden in East Sussex overseen by a lady that previously looked after the garden at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons which I have seen and which was extremely impressive.  Their garden has more than a hundred herbs, many of which are very rare or nearly forgotten as well as the freshest and most seasonal produce. Even though they said they are a British restaurant I did see a bit of Asian influence in their food.

The dining room is intimate with a dominating pale green colour. There is also an interesting private dining room upstairs. The décor is thought out to the smallest detail and my boyfriend was commenting how this must have cost them a lot of money. You could either order a la carte and it cost £50 for 3 courses or chose the tasting menu with 10 courses for £75 (£130 with matching wines) and we chose the tasting menu (without the matching wines). 

The dishes on the tasting menu were “salmon and yuzu”, “beef tartare with smoked mayonnaise and onion crumble”, “dead garden”, “fois fras with quince and rum”, “orkley scallop with green lentils and kaffir lime”, “Scottish langoustine with chorizo and butternut squash”, “pulled pork” and then a choice of main course either “Cornish cod with shellfish and blood orange” or “rabbit with wild garlic, celeriac and horseradish”. The two desserts we had were “pina colada” and “garden pea and coconut with pea and mint cassonade, chocolate soil and coconut sorbet”. The dishes that stood out the most for me were the “dead garden” and the pea and mint dessert. The dead garden consisted of winter vegetables and was a beautiful dish actually looking like a garden in winter and so nice to eat. The pea and mint combination we thought was a strange one at firsy but was delicious when we tasted it and the pea and mint element went so well with the chocolate soil. And the thing that I also loved was the petit fours at the end. They gave us these lollipops which were amazing as well as  a little pot of sweet/sour sort of powder, loved the creativity and the thought behind this.

I also quite liked salmon and yuzu, it had an interesting, unusual flavour and also the beef tartare was nice, especially with the onion crumble. The langoustine dish with chorizo and butternut squash was also quite nice and I loved it how they served a spring onion with the roots on the plate, it looked very funky. The beetroot and fois gras dish slightly let me down. I had tried a beetroot and fois gras dish a few days before in restaurant Marianne where it was much better. I was expecting more from the pulled pork dish, I usually love pulled pork and here was not crazy about it. I also was not too keen on either of the main courses. I chose the rabbit and my boyfriend got the cod and both plates were beautiful but the taste for me just was not there. Marieke agreed and she also said her palette was not loving the rabbit dish and some of the other ones.

Five Fields is a very pleasant restaurant if you want some upscale British food. Execution is good, service is very good and attentive but some of the dishes just did not work for my palette although there were some very good ones.

Date: 18/ 04/ 14
Price for 4 people with alcohol: £573.75
Location: Sloane Square

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Five Fields
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