Mar 12 2014

Flat Iron


This is not a place for vegetarians. Flat Iron serves only one thing – steak with sides and sauces. The trick here is that it costs only £10 (an average steak in a London steakhouse costs from £20 upwards) which is super cheap and how they manage to do this is by using this cheap cut – flat iron – and making it delicious. A cut that usually steakhouses don’t serve. Flat iron steak is the American name for the cut known as butlers' steak in the UK. It is cut with the grain, from the shoulder of the animal, producing a cut that tastes good, but is a bit tougher because it's not cross-grain. I was initially very skeptical about this cheap cut and thought the stake would not taste well, as in some great steakhouses sometimes when I have a cheaper cut, I don’t like it at all, but I am wrong with flat iron, this steak tasted as nice as any good steak.
Me and my two friends arranged to meet at Flat Iron on a Wednesday evening at 6pm. When Katrina and I arrived at 6pm there were empty tables, but as Lasma was not there yet we could not occupy a table and had to go to the bar and wait for Lasma. They would only let us sit down if all of us had arrived. At 6.30pm when Lasma had arrived, we finally managed to sit down, and by this time there was a queue outside the restaurant and you could end up waiting an hour for a table. The bar is located downstairs and upstairs is the dining room where they serve food and it is small, cramped, with long tables that you are expected to share with other people. On a subsequent visit my friend Katrina did manage to get a separate table with only her friends and no one else, but she was lucky. When we sat down as a nice gesture they gave us a little pot of popcorn to eat, lovely snack that we ate very quickly.

The menu is very basic. You come here to east steak and flat iron steak with house leaf salad costs £10. You can have a variety of sides and sauces with it and sides cost from £2.50 to £3.50 and sauces each £1, also very good value for money like the steak. All of us ordered the flat iron steak. They recommend you have it medium rare which is how all of us opted to eat it. We also ordered sides of dripping cooked chips, creamed spinach and today’s market greens which were broccoli. We ordered three sauces and shared them – peppercorn, Fred’s sauce and fresh horseradish cream. The steak was very good. As I mentioned in my opening paragraph it tasted like a good cut, if I had blind tasted it, I would never be able to tell that this is a cheaper cut. The steak was served on a little wooden board with a mini-cleaver, a very cool and unusual way how to cut and eat the steak. The creamed spinach had a lot of cream which made them taste nice, the broccoli were crunchy and I did like the fries, good fries. Out of all the sauces my favourite one was Fred’s sauce.

If you fancy steak there is no reason why you should go to more expensive steak houses, Flat Iron delivers a delicious steak for a very good price. Our whole dinner without alcohol cost £49 and you have to admit that it is so hard these days to have a good meal in London for £16/person. The sides and sauces and starters are better and more sophisticated in specialized good London steakhouses, but if you just want some meat, Flat Iron is great.

date: 12/ 03/ 14
price for 3 people, no alcohol, including service charge: £49
location: Soho

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Flat Iron
17 Beak Street W1F 9RW
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