Oct 12 2014

Foxcroft and Ginger


I was seeing friends for brunch on a Sunday and I suggested we meet at Foxcroft and Ginger in Soho. I had never been to this small café, but walked past it many times so I wanted to try it out. I walked through Soho and saw a huge queue outside of the Breakfast Club, a famous brunch place, and was surprised to see people queuing outside for a long time to get in there and no one really quieting outside of Foxcroft and Ginger. It just shows how over rated and hyped up some places can be.

The inside of Foxcroft and Ginger was cute, but not too comfortable, especially the upstairs bit which was small and tables were crowded together. You could see freshly baked bread and cakes at the till which looked amazing, but I felt quite squeezed into the seat where I was sitting. Foxcroft and Ginger is run by a husband and a wife and the name Foxcroft and Ginger comes from the surname of the husband and the hair colour of the wife. They opened this place in January 2010 and have a restaurateur background. The main attraction of Foxcroft and Ginger is their bread which is made in their kitchen using premium flour direct from the mill. All their bread is made using a sourdough base which means that no yeast is added to the mixture, which makes our bread easier to digest. Their sourdough takes 48 hours to make. As we had to wait a bit for our lunch buddies we ordered some sourdough bread as toast with butter and it was delicious. Very very nice bread and a delicious toast. I ate all three big pieces of the toast.

The brunch menu was quite interesting, with the usual dishes and also some less usual ones. Most of the dishes came with their famous sourdough bread. My boyfriend and I ordered the same thing, smoked salad on rocket leaves with avocado, beetroot and their sourdough bread. I was actually quite disappointed with this. On the menu the dish looked great, but in practice it was not. The combination of all the ingredients was a bit wrong, the salmon, beetroot and avocado with the leaves all together actually did not work so well. The avocado was mushy and I did not like it, I liked the beetroot but the salmon did not taste that amazing as well. It was jut not too good. My boyfriend and I also felt hungry after eating this, there was not a lot of substantial food there.

Our brunch buddies ordered more unhealthy but definitely much more appealing dishes. You can see below a picture of Foxcroft and Ginger’s take on the English breakfast, with their homemade sausages, homemade bread, fried eggs, beans, mushrooms and tomato. The other breakfast dish with slow cooked pork also looked amazing.

I did not have a great experience at Foxcroft and Ginger and for me the best part was the bread. But I am happy to give this place another go, as the food I saw others eating was very appealing. 

Price for 4 people for brunch, no alcohol, with service charge: 59.40
Location: Soho
Date: 12/ 10/ 14

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Foxcroft and Ginger
3 Berwick Street W1F 0DR
United Kingdom
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