Oct 25 2014



My boyfriend’s friend Rolf had recommended Garibaldi restaurant in Frankfurt, and described it as a fish, meat and pasta restaurant. Garibaldi was exactly that – fish, meat and pasta restaurant. It was located on a street just off the main shopping street in Frankfurt and was a lively Italian restaurant, but sort of reminded me more of a New York Italian restaurant, as opposed to a European Italian restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant is medium sized with white table cloth tables and it was almost packed when we arrived, it seemed like a busy and a popular place. I saw most of the people eating either their pasta or their salads, and their salads were huge. The waiters seemed Italian and when we sat down they brought us some focaccia bread with baked-in tomatoes. The menu had salads, pastas, fish, meat and pizzas.

I was not too hungry so I just ordered one of their mixed salads. My mum also ordered the salad as well as a steak and some steamed vegetables and potatoes. The salad was good, large portion, good vegetables and slightly sweet dressing. My mum’s steak was cooked rare or even blue. She was not asked what sort of steak she wanted and just brought this. She was fine with it, but there would be some people that would not eat it and would have to send this back as it would be too raw. My boyfriend ordered a fried fish with some rice on the side. The fish was cooked well, moist, brought whole with some tomato salsa.

I also very much liked the prices at Garibaldi. We paid a bit more than EUE20/ person, which is good value. I liked the fact the restaurant was fun as well, buzzing due to people talking and the waiters running around. It had that fun Italian vibe. Food was decent but not amazing.

Date: 25/ 10/ 14
Location: Frankfurt
Price for 3 people, no alcohol: EUR 62 (and we left some service charge on top of this)

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Kleine Hochstraße 4 60313 Frankfurt am Main
Garibaldi Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 2.5