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Goodman Steak Restaurant


This is one of the nicest places to eat steak in London. Goodman’s is a New York steakhouse in London and now has 3 branches, but the interesting thing about Goodman is that the original restaurant was in Moscow (which you can kind of see as Goodman’s offers Russian herring as one of their starters). The steak is always of an excellent standard and there are always so many varieties to choose from (rib eye, sirloin, fillet, USD, other countries etc… there is probably 40 different steaks you can have!). And all their beef is grain fed, and the cuts are matured in their own dry ageing room, hand cut and cooked to perfection over charcoal. Also the sides are very delicious (also so many to choose from, a lot more than in other restaurants, e.g you can have spinach in 3 different ways there) including the great mac & cheese side they have (they also have lobster mac and cheese), very naughty to order it but very delicious once you do. A lot of steak connoisseurs from the city insist that this is the best steak restaurant in London (I think it is top 3), so you will have a great meal if you go there.  



my last review of Goodman was quite short and also I took pictures with my blackberry, so I thought I will do another review, also quite short focusing more on the food that we had and also with better pictures.


I went to Goodman (this time the Bank branch) for lunch with my friends Hugo and David. At first we were seated at a table close to the entrance and there was a cold breeze coming at us so I asked for us to be moved and the staff were kind enough to accommodate this. When we were seated we were given really tasty crackers and bread with butter. I really liked the crackers coated with some sesame seeds. For my starter I ordered the lobster cocktail that had chilled lobster, shrimp, marie rose sauce and iceberg lettuce. It was not cheap at £16 but it was amazing, there was a lot of lobster and shrimp and they gave you quite a large glass and it was fully filled with the delicious seafood. There was so much lobster and shrimp I almost could not finish this and this could have actually been a small main course. Excellent starter. Hugo had something that looked equally good the “sweet herring in a traditional Russian presentation with hot mustard and cornichons”. The herring was served in a jar in the middle of the plate and Hugo liked it a lot and t was served with very delicious rye bread. I also tasted some of the cornichons, which were nice. David ordered the “tiger prawn tempura with avocado and Cajun mayonnaise” and it also looked great and the prawns were huge. 


For our main course I had a daily special which was a 200g fillet steak with chips for £26 as I cant eat that much meat but my friends Hugo and David really went for it and ordered 2 different cuts of meat which were around 700g each and came from grass fed Irish beef. On the menu you can see only certain cuts but when you are in Goodman they will always bring out a special blackboard with the special cuts they have that day which features around 20 different cuts some from USDA beef, some from grass fed beef, so if you like meat then as I have said before you will love this place. The steak I had was delicious. My fillet was medium/ rare and it was tender and delicious, as was the meat that Hugo and David ordered. As our sides we chose a salad of “tomatoes, spring onions, olive oil”, “truffle chips, sea salt”, “spinach, chilli and garlic” and “mac and cheese, truffle sauce”. The sides were excellent. The mac and cheese was delicious as ever, the tomato salad is tasty and the fries had a slight and nice hint of truffle. 


I absolutely love Goodman and it is one of my favourite steak restaurants as I have said before. The steak is delicious, and there are so many different ones to chose from, I love the sides, and I also think the starters are very good (and a lot of them non meaty), and every time I go there it is just consistently good and I don’t have anything bad to say about Goodman. 


Location: Bank 

Date: 26/02/13

Price for 3 people with a bottle of wine: £264.38


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Goodman Steak Restaurant
24-26 Maddox Street W1S 1QH
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