Jan 23 2013

Gordon Ramsay au Trianon


I thought it was a bit strange that Gordon Ramsay had a restaurant in France, in Versailles, as he is so associated with UK, and I did not really know he had other restaurants outside of UK, but I was keen to try Gordon Ramsay au Trianon as it had 2 Michelin stars and I was ready to give Gordon Ramsay another chance after visiting Gordon Ramsay at Claridges which I did not like at all. Gordon Ramsay au Trianon is located in Versailles, about 30 minutes drive from Paris centre and is located in the beautiful Trianon Palace Waldorf Astoria hotel. The restaurant serves French cuisine like most Gordon Ramsay restaurants and is modelled on Ramsay’s 3 Michelin starred restaurant in London. The dining room and the restaurant (as well as the hotel) are very grand with high ceilings, big and comfortable chairs and very spaced out tables to give each table privacy. We wanted to have a drink at the bar which was just outside the main dining area before we had our sit down dinner and whilst we were there and drinking our cocktails we were brought some canapés (you can also have these in the dining area if you don’t go to the bar), and we had a wonderful cheese type of fried crispy ball which melted in your mouth and my dinner buddy Alex absolutely loved, as well as a canapé of a tuna with some caviar on the top which was extremely soft and just wonderful tuna and that was accompanied by a small savoury ice cream cone which looked beautiful and also tasted delicious, so the canapés were an absolute hit with everyone, 5M stuff. Next we moved on to the main dining area and we were given more lovely freebies, whilst studying the menu and the very big wine list. The waiters brought us some breadsticks nicely presented in a towel and we could choose from 3 different types of bread rolls and they gave you butter, olive oil and an amazing thick great quality balsamico and you could use all these to eat your bread. Next we were brought an amuse bouche, and it was three of us having dinner and us 2 girls were given one type of amuse bouche and Alex was given another one and the waiter explained that the chef decides which amuse bouche to give to which person. The table next door were also eating these amuse bouche and there the male had what we girls were having, and the woman was having Alex’s amuse bouche, so the chef’s choice is clearly not influenced by gender. Nina and I ate an amuse bouche that had scrambled eggs with some other things inside a boiled egg's shell that had been painted silver and this was served in a beautiful silver spiky egg holder. The presentations was impressive and when the amuse bouche arrived all conversation totally turned to it, and the egg was extremely delicious, and I was wondering how they painted the shell silver and also how they managed to cut the top off in such a precise way without breaking it. Alex had a liquid amuse bouche served in a shallow open cup and he also loved it. For the starter Alex chose “Fois gras from Perigord cooked in 2 ways”, which is one of their signature dishes and the fois gras was roasted with beetroot tart and pressed with green apple and Sauternes (Sauternes is a French sweet wine). The presentation was once again remarkable, as the fois gras was presented in 2 ways and layers, first the hot fois gras was served on top of a lid which was covering a plate that inside had a cold fois gras. Alex said it was absolutely delicious. Nina and I had the “Line caught sea bass and crab tartar served with spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, roasted hazelnuts”. We actually checked with the waiter if this was a starter as it seemed to have too many things inside there for a starter but the waiter assured us it was starter size, although when I got it I did think it was bigger than your average starter. Once again the presentation was absolutely faultless, and I loved the spaghetti with cuttlefish ink and it was topped with an amazing cheese biscuit that was covered with a gold like top layer. The sea bass and crab tartare was served in a pepper ring and topped with some crispy things, and was tasty, but I preferred the spaghetti. Nina also very much liked this. For the main course Alex ordered the “Seared black angus beef fillet with “cote rotie” and vegetables from the garden with horseradish mashed potatoes” and he thought the beef was excellent and the garden vegetables were cute and displayed on top of the horseradish mashed potatoes. Nina and I once again had the same thing (by total coincidence) and we ordered the “Roasted scallops from the summer isles served with porcini carpaccio, osetra caviar, vichyssoise with bergamot sauce” and the scallops they gave us (they gave us 2 each) were the biggest scallops I have ever seen in my life, seriously impressive. The porcini mushrooms were tasty and I loved the thin layers of cauliflower that were decorating the plate and lined up all around the food. The vichyssoise (type of soup) and the bergamot sauce which were covering most of the food I did not like that much though. Also it turned out to be a bit too much food for me as I had had a big lunch the same day, so I could not finish the whole thing. We were all feeling too full after the starter and the main course so we did not want any desert but instead ordered some tea which was served in lovely see-through pots. The waiters brought us a palette cleanser, a citrus sorbet that was served on a piece of ice block as well as some petite four, first a scone that was presented with smoking liquid nitrogen and then afterwards the petite four trolley came and we could choose what we wanted and I had a most delicious strawberry type of marshmallow covered with sugar. When we asked for the bill, the waiter brought Alex the bill and Nina and I got a doggy bag that inside had a cake. I was too full to try the cake that evening, but the next day I had some and the cake was absolutely delicious. I had a very memorable and enjoyable meal at Gordon Ramsay au Trianon, and the things that I did not like (which are very very few) are because of my particular food taste, but I can’t fault the skill that went into the food, the service or the creativity, and this place made me really like French food, which historically has not been my favourite type of cuisine.

Location: Versailles
Date: 23/01/13
Price for 3 people with alcohol and service charge: EUR 625

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Gordon Ramsay au Trianon
1 Boulevard de la Reine 78000
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