Jan 4 2014


Greenberry Café is a small and lively restaurant in Primrose Hill (where the Russian restaurant Troika used to be) where you can get breakfast (from a special breakfast menu), lunch and dinner. From the outside it looks very welcoming, in a light green pleasant colour and when I went there with my engaged friends Katrina and Love at 11.45 the place was buzzing and full and we were shown to one of the last remaining empty tables. The décor is plain but welcoming, with wood tables and chairs.
The breakfast menu had different types of eggs (poached, scrambled) and you could have this with avocado, chorizo or salmon, or you could have eggs Benedict, Florentine or Royal or a more substantial English type of breakfast. They also had yoghurts and bagels, so the breakfast menu has all the typical dishes you would expect to find there. The lunch menu had very interesting dishes from all over the world, there was a Japanese type of noodle dish, yellow fin tuna and more standard continental type of dishes.
All of us for some strange reason chose the same dish, poached eggs with avocado and Love and I had it with sourdough bread and Katrina opted for gluten free bread. We also shared a side of salad and a side of field mushrooms. The eggs with avocado were sort of simple but all the elements were very well done and it was a simple but a good dish. And on average I was looking around and seeing what other people were having and the dishes looked very good and better than some other brunch places do the same dishes. My poached eggs were big, well poached, the toast was nicely made and the avocado just ripe. I very much enjoyed it, and so did Katrina and Love. The salad had a lovely dressing and the field mushrooms were tasty and not bland like mushrooms can sometimes be.
I think Greenbery does breakfast dishes very well. The menu may not be very exciting and may only feature your average breakfast dishes and nothing more, but they are well made, delicious and the atmosphere is very pleasant.
Date: 04/ 01/ 14
Location: Primrose Hill
Price for 3 people, no alcohol and service charge: £47.53

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101 Regents Park Road NW1 8UR
United Kingdom
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