Aug 8 2012

Greenhouse, The


I went to Greenhouse with Neil, to reward him for consistently being in the top 3 of my quiz winners (I send this quiz out at work every morning), as well as Ed, who used to be one of the top performers in the quiz before he dropped out to focus more on work (!!!!). Greenhouse is located on Hay’s Mews in Mayfair, and I found it a bit hard to find it at first, as it was located at the end of the street that only has residential buildings and some noisy construction work, but once you pass the construction site, the view is beautiful, as you need to walk down a tree-lined pathway to reach The Greenhouse, and it almost feels like you are entering an oasis of calm. The main chef at the Greenhouse is Arnaud Bignon and he does cook some very pricey food, as you can chose from the £90 tasting menu, order courses from a la carte menu which will cost you £75 for 3 courses, but he does also offer a cheaper version, a special lunch option (3 course) for £29, which seems like amazing value for money.

As Neil and Ed took a long time trying to find this place, whist I was waiting for them, I decided to have a Virgin Mary, which was absolutely delicious, very good version of this drink. When the 2 boys finally arrived, Neil and I had the starter of “Salmon, served with Cucumber, Coconut, Wasabi, Curry, Salad”, and this dish was amazing. It was beautifully presented with little cubes of salmon in a lovely green sauce, and nice rolled cucumber and pieces of coconut scattered around the dish. It tasted delicious as well, as the salmon was very tasty, it had a very deep flavour, so you could tell it was very expensive salmon. Ed had the “highland scallops served with tandoori masala, cabbage and lemon confit”, which even though I did not try, looked wonderful, with the colours of the slightly red scallops and green cabbage. As for the main course Ed and I chose the “Atlantic cod, served with rice, Consommé, Lemongrass, Shitake and Coriander”, and the dish arrived in a beautiful glass bowl, and you could see the dish from all sides, which I thought was a very nice and creative touch. You could see the green leaves and shitake mushrooms on top of the dish, that were sitting on a rice cracker, which was super crunchy, but did surprise me as I was expecting rice not a rice cracker. The Atlantic cod was a beautiful piece of fish served in a lovely sauce, Ed kept saying how much he loved the sauce, and even though it was quite heavy and buttery (full of calories) I did enjoy it as well. Neil had the “Line-caught sea bass served with Nori seaweed, Yuzu, Chlorophyll herbs and Potatoes” which was beautifully, but very simply presented. The fish on Neil’s plate looked so yummy and rich I was tempted at many times of the meal just to reach over and get some myself (but I used my willpower and restrained myself). After the main course we decided to have some cheese and a humongous cheese trolley arrived in front of us, it had more than 30 different types of cheese on it (I counted). I had 5 different types of goat’s cheese, my favorite cheese, which is also a bit lighter than normal cheese. As we were feeling too full after all this cheese we decided not to eat any other desert.

I very rarely like these type of places like Greenhouse, as quite often I find them expensive, pretentious and not serving very delicious food, but I did really enjoy my time there for a lot of small reasons that all added up, so for me this place does stand out from your typical high end, white table cloth restaurant.

Date – 08/08/12
Price for 3 with wine and service charge – £450
Location – Mayfair

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27a Hay’s Mews W1J 5NY
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