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Gustavino is an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, in the office area, which was supposed to be Amsterdam’s answer to London’s Canary Wharf, but has not yet fully materialized. I came here for lunch and actually really liked it. The room was full at lunch, many people were taking advantage of their reasonably priced 2 course business lunch.

The room where Gustavino is located is very stylish, dark and it feels Italian, and also has seven-and-a-half meters high ceiling and a bar in the middle of the large room. It is busy and has a nice vibe with people chatting. My lunch colleagues thought it can sometimes get a bit loud, but I did not experience it.

The a la carte menu had all the things you would expect to find there – pizzas, pastas, meat and fish courses, starters and soups. The daily special included a prawn starter and a cod as the main course. A few of my lunch buddies chose this. The prawn starter featured a few prawns, rocket salad and a décor of asparagus and sun dried tomato. It looked like a decent starter. I chose a starter of rocket salad, and was given a huge plate of rocket salad with parmesan cheese. It was nothing elaborate, but then again I got exactly what I asked for. My only criticism was that there was not enough balsamic vinegar or lemon juice to add to the salad, just mainly oil had been added to it, and you could have made the dressing a bit nicer.

The main course of cod looked nice, well cooked with crispy skin, served on a bed of chicory and fennel, although got the criticism from one of my lunch buddies that it lacked some sort of carbohydrate like potatoes and that with the fennel and chicory did not quite strike the right balance. I was craving a pizza and so I ordered their take on American hot pizza which had mozzarella, mushrooms and the spicy Italian nduja sausage. It was a good pizza, with the right level of thin-ness and with nice ingredients, although I thought the nduja sausage was a bit off, and had too much spices and not enough meat. You can also see a main course of chicken that one of my other lunch buddies ordered.

I think Gustavino is a very decent Italian restaurant. Most of the food was nice, the room was very pleasant and the service good. This is a very nice place where to have Italian food in Amsterdam's business district.

Date: 19/ 01/ 2015
Price for 3 people, no alcohol: I can't remember
Location: Amsterdam, Holland

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Gustav Mahlerplein 16 1082 MA
Gustavino Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5