Jan 24 2015

Hardy’s Brasserie

Hardy’s Brasserie is an “old school” sort of brasserie in Marylebone. It was established in 1984 by Nick de Bastarrechea, and is hidden from the main streets and if you don’t know where it is, you probably won’t walk past it. I have been living around Marylebone for many years now, and had never noticed it, and the only reason why I went there is because I read about it in a newspaper.

We came here for breakfast, but you can also enjoy British and European food at lunch and dinner at Hardy’s Brasserie either in their casual brasserie (where we had brunch) or in their white linen restaurant. They also have some tables outside, and as Hardy’s Brasserie is located on a quiet street, you can sit outside, enjoy a glass of wine and not have too many passers-by staring at your drink/ food.

We came here at 11.00 on a Saturday and it had a few other couples sitting in the brasserie, reading a newspaper, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, it had a nice family feel to the restaurant, it felt like local people came here to relax and spend here their mornings. There was even a huge (very cute) dog in the brasserie that one of the couples had brought. The menu was quite diverse and featured various juices, smoothies, some alcoholic breakfast cocktails, as well as healthy dishes (like pink grapefruit, granola, Greek yoghurt, porridge), various croissants, egg dishes (omelette, fried eggs), Hardy’s special dishes (more about these later) and classic dishes like eggs benedict, florentine, etc, so there was something for everybody.

Both my boyfriend and I chose dishes from the Hardy’s specials section. He want tor the “avocado, poached egg, baby spinach on toasted sourdough with smoked salmon” for £8 and I chose the “avocado, poached egg, sweetcorn & spring onion cake, smoked tomato & chilli relish” for £8.50, and a side of chorizo for £3. Both dishes actually visually looked quite similar when they arrived. The poached egg in both of the dishes was perfectly poached, still runny, avocado was tasty. I also liked my sweetcorn & spring onion cake, and with the avocado and poached egg it was a nice healthy breakfast dish, slightly more interesting than your traditional breakfast egg classics. All the ingredients in my boyfriend’s breakfast were fresh, looked great, like the spinach and salmon. The chorizo was also very tasty, good quality, large piece, full of flavour.

The breakfast food at Hardy’s Brasserie was definitely pleasant, and I felt like the food focuses on healthiness more than on taste, but it was also tasty. I am not going to rush back to Hardy’s Brasserie based on food though, as it was not the best brunch food I have had in London, but more because of the atmosphere. When you are in Hardy’s Brasserie, you almost feel like this is your secret little place, where tourists and people from other London neighbourhoods won’t wonder it, it feels special in this sort of way.

Date: 24/ 01/ 15
Location: Marylebone
Price for 2 people for breakfast/ brunch (definitely no alcohol): £37.91

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Hardy’s Brasserie
53 Dorset Street, Marylebone W1U 7NH
United Kingdom
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