May 26 2013

Harrods Pizzeria


I think this place does the most overpriced pizza in London. Harrods Pizzeria used to be located on the first floor by the Food Hall but recently it has moved to second floor and my friend Yuri who is a consultant and did a project for Harrods said that it was one of the most money generating places in Harrods per square metre (after the expensive jewellery and watch section), as there was always a large queue of people outside the Pizzeria and whenever they got to the table they had already decided what to eat and their turnover was so quick (they bake the pizzas very quickly) a person would be done eating in 30 minutes on average, and on average pay £25/person per visit, so you can calculate how much they would make in 1 day from just pizza. They also used to have a singing pizza chef that would sing once in a while and everyone would applaud, but there was no singing chef when we went this time.

My boyfriend and I were looking at furniture in Harrods and I told him about the Pizzeria and he was keen to try it out for lunch. The pizzeria used to be super cozy and buzzing but now that it is located on the second floor in the corner of the floor, it is quite dark and has lost the amazing atmosphere it used to have. When we went there very few people were there, and I had never seen it as quiet.

We were seated by the bar so we could watch the chefs cook pizzas in the large oven (as well as another chef cooking pasta), and we decided to share “Arabica” pizza which cost a massive £21.50 (it was the most expensive pizza on the menu, not sure why, but on average pizzas there are £19/20) and had mozzarella, tomatoes, beef salami, provolone, red onions and fresh chilli. We also shared a mixed leaf salad with Italian dressing for another humongous £7.65. The salad not only had leaves but also a few olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and an artichoke, but then no one actually made the salad, I watched the chefs and they just took it out of a fridge, it was premade before. The pizza when it arrived was ok, but around £10 too expensive, and even though the toppings were nice, I prefer pizza express pizza which does a slightly thinner pizza (as Romana) and also gives you more topping and is £10 less. The topping in Pizza Express may not be as great quality as in Harrods Pizzeria, but then again you can’t really taste the quality of salami too much when eating it on a pizza covered with cheese. I liked the pizza, but it definitely is not one of the best pizzas in London, which the price would suggest, it was quite average.

So needless to say, I won’t be wasting my money on Harrods Pizzeria anymore. I found the pizzas average, way too expensive and the atmosphere in Pizzeria is not great.

Date: 26/05/13
Location: Knightsbridge
Price for 2 people: £49.39

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Harrods Pizzeria
87–135 Brompton Road SW1X 7XL
United Kingdom
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